Tidbits August 11, 2016




















  Monday, I was catching up with the piled up work resulting from my vacation, when suddenly I felt a needle prick my hand.








  I looked down and saw a pin sticking out of my pants!








  I couldn’t pull the pin through my pants because it had that little ball on the end.




  So, I got up and went to the bathroom to remove the pin from my pants.




  I gingerly removed everything from my pocket and turned it inside out.




  No pin!




  This was crazy, but I figured the pin had fallen out, even though I couldn’t figure out how it got there to start with.




  I looked on the floor, hoping to find the "needle in the haystack."




  I couldn’t see it.




  I sat back at my desk and started typing again, and it wasn’t long before that pin stuck me in the hand again.




  I looked down and it was sticking out of my pants.




  This was crazy!




  This time I went into the bathroom and took my pants off. There was no pin!!!!




  I decided the ghost of our building was playing a joke on me, but as I put my pants back on, and was tucking my shirt in, the pin stuck me again!




  I then figured it out.




  I bought a shirt at the beach and was wearing it Monday for the first time. At the very bottom of the front shirt tail, the manufacturer had pinned two buttons in a little plastic bag.




  That’s what was sticking me.




  I never use those stupid buttons anyway.


















  I’m not a coin collector, but I have a few collector coins. None of them are overly valuable.




  At the beach last week, I was walking through Little River Flea Market, and saw a 1964 silver Kennedy half dollar.




  This brought back memories.




  When the coin came out in 1964 to memorialize the late president who was assassinated the year before, I got one, put it in an envelope, sealed it, dated it and signed my name. It’s been 52-years, but I’ve still got it.




  I bought the coin at the Flea Market, because it’s not sealed and I can look at it.




  Later in the week, I was in Dick’s Pawn Shop and saw the clerk putting out hundreds of American Eagle silver dollars. They were beautiful.




  I came back three times, and after checking what the coins were worth on my phone, I finally bought one.




  So, I’m proud to say on my beach trip, I paid $10 for a 50 cent piece, and $25 for a dollar. No wonder I’m broke!


















  A couple of Sundays ago, I got a message on my smart watch saying I had walked 43 percent less than I normally walk on Saturdays and was encouraged to do better.




  As if it could hear me, I said, "It was 104 degrees, you idiot!"




  Last Thursday, I got another message. This one praised me for all the steps I had taken in the last 20 minutes.




  Well, those last 20 minutes I was on a riding lawn mower.




  The smart watch "ain’t" so smart after all!










  Although his birthday is in June, I gave Ryan Metts a copy of the script of the new Harry Potter play as a gift, but it didn’t come out until July 31.




  I decided to download a copy to my e-reader as well.




  Even at my advanced age, I read the first few volumes in the Harry Potter series until author JK Rowling started writing epistles.




  I’m sorry, but I don’t read 800-1000 page books. I’d rather read two 400-page books.




  Stephen King lost me when he started writing 900-page books. "The Shining" wasn’t 900 pages and it did pretty well, didn’t it?




  Less is best, as far as I am concerned.




  I ordered the new Potter script, because it is a play. I’ve been in enough plays to know there are no 900-page scripts!




  The play is pretty long, however. The performance lasts five hours, and you read it in around the time it takes to perform it.




  The play is good, and I’m sure it will be a hit.




  Ironically, I’m on my third JK Rowling detective book she has written under the name of Robert Galbraith. These are very good and in my page range.




  Please don’t mess it up with a tome in the future, JK!


















  Congratulations to all who had anything to do with Saluda’s "Movie on the Square" Friday.




  The turnout was tremendous and everyone had a great time.




  Are we looking a new Saluda tradition?


















  Seems like we have had many sad weeks in a row.




  Raydell Merchant was a good man.




  For years, around the end of November, I saw and photographed Raydell and Bob Bowles.




  They had a bet between them that the loser would wear the colors of the winning team in the Carolina-Clemson game.




  Each year the outfits would be different, and both men were good sports. Bob wore a lot of orange during one ten-year stretch, and Raydell wore garnet for five straight years recently.




  I always looked forward to that photography day, especially if Carolina won.




  I’m going to miss that this year.




  I was posting one of those Carolina-Clemson photos of Raydell and Bob, when I heard an ambulance call to home where a man was unresponsive.




  I later found out my old friend Donnie Willis had died. He was only 56.




  Donnie had some health issues recently, but when his brother Tommy talked to him, he said he feeling fine. It was estimated he died a few hours later.




  We never know.




  I learned on Facebook the passing of a former Saluda High athlete, Johnny Green. Johnny died suddenly at the age of 48.





  I didn’t really know him, only to call out his name over the public address system, but the tributes to him by his friends on Facebook show how well liked he was.