Tidbits - September 1, 2016

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  As a newspaper, we get emailed stories from Anderson, Georgetown, Charleston, Columbia and Augusta, etc., every day.




  We don’t get a chance to use the stories much for lack of room.




  Monday, however, we got one to beat them all. It begins:




  "Unlike other plumbing Companies in Thornton Heath, London, Local Plumbing Services London is pleased to offer an extended 24 hour plumber service, to accommodate increased demand from local businesses and residents, beginning from September 1st."




  Yes, folks, I got a story from London, England!




  So, if you need a plumber, I’ve got the number. With the proper flight connections, I’m sure they can get here within their 24-hour service, but it might be cost prohibitive!


















  We were happy to have our former pastor, Jerry Pickens, preach Homecoming and revival at Emory earlier this week.  




  Sunday morning, Jerry shared something I had totally forgotten.




  Years ago, Jerry was narrating one of our cantatas, and it had a line, "caused a stir," but Jerry with his upcountry accent said, "caused a steer."




  Well, we all laughed at how he pronounced "stir" every time we practiced.




  Finally, it came time for the actual performance, and when Jerry got the "infamous" line, he said, "caused a commotion!"




  Jerry said Sunday, he thought it took me three songs to stopped laughing.




  If I remember correctly, the whole choir laughed, and nobody in the congregation knew why.




  Jerry and I were talking after the service about how many different accents there are in S.C. alone.




  When "Hollywood" tries to use a Southern accent, they don’t have a clue. Movie and TV people use the same accent all the time.




  And different sections of the state have different colloquialisms, too.




  As I mentioned years ago, I thought everyone in the south used the word "chaps" for children,.




  I found out it is only around this section of South Carolina that it is used.




  Shay Rollins, originally from Lake City, came to work at Saluda High in the 80s and one of his students asked him if he had any chaps.




  He said he thought they were talking about dogs.




  Since I learned the word was local, I have caught myself out of the area saying, "cha--, uh, children."


















  The great thing about America is we have certain rights.




  Colin Kaepernick’s decision not to stand for the National Anthem in protest to what he sees as oppression to a segment of our society is certainly within his rights. Thousands of soldiers died through the years to give him that privilege.




  He says he will remain seated until things straighten out, which means he will never stand for the National Anthem again, because nobody gives a rat’s patootie what an overpaid athlete or movie star thinks, nor will anyone change because of them.




  Talk is cheap, especially from someone who has a $114 million contract to play a game, and not very well, I might add.




  If Colin wants to make a difference, then he should play this season for minimum wage and give his $12 million salary to worthy causes. He could help the families of the victims. That will make a difference.




  If he does that, then I’ll understand his position. Actions speak louder than words..




  The CEO of the company who charges $600 for EpiPens is talking now.




  I had no idea how much those life saving devices cost, until it came out in the news. You have to replace them every year.




  The CEO said she understood the concerns of parents about the high cost. She said she was a parent, too. Yeah, a parent who makes $19,000,000 a year, up from the $2 million she made a few years ago.




  From what I understand, the medicine is cheap to produce and the pen is cheap to make. The customer just has to pay $600.




  The company now says it is going to make its own generic version for $300. That’s nice of them.




  I am not going to get into the talking points of our two political candidates, but they top everybody.


















  Carolina and Clemson football get underway this week.




  We know what Clemson has, and absolutely nothing about what Carolina has.




  The success of the Gamecock season may hinge on what they do Thursday against Vandy. "One game does not a season make" is the old saying, but that may be a wrong cliche. Carolina needs to win.




  I don’t see Clemson having a problem with Auburn.




  Florida State and Louisville may be the only two teams that can give the Tigers trouble this year, although I can’t imagine any team stopping the Tiger offense.


















  The sadness around the county continues.




  Last week two of my Facebook friends died.




  Cyndi Leagan was a 1989 graduate of Saluda High School, where she was a member of the band. She went on to Carolina and became a nurse.




  We corresponded through Facebook a few years ago, when a bear wondered into her parents’s Saluda County home’s yard. We used her photo and write-up in our paper.




  I saw the news report Tuesday of a body of a Saluda County woman being recovered in Lake Murray. Then, they released the name and it was Cyndi.




  Friday, at the Saluda-Ridge Spring-Monetta game, I spoke to Wallace Whitten and his son Justin as they came into the stadium, as I usually do. Wallace and Justin are among the first to arrive for every game.




  Saturday morning, I scrolled through Facebook and was shocked when Justin posted his Dad had died overnight.




  Apparently, Wallace fell ill at the game, was transported to one hospital and airlifted to another, where he died.




  So many of us commented on Facebook, "I talked to him at the game last night."




  We never know.




  My sympathy to the families of Cyndi and Wallace.