One Dead After Fight



Ridge Spring Fight


Leaves One Dead,


Two Arrested







  On September 5, shortly after 8:00 pm at Circle K in Ridge Spring, there was an altercation between multiple subjects in the parking lot.    







  During the incident, one suspect got into a car, driving into a group of people, killing Schanen Termaine Samuels of Ridge Spring.  According to witnesses, a second suspect then got into the car, and they two left the scene.




   The suspects were followed by two Ridge Spring volunteer firemen, who happened to be at the store at the time of the incident, updating Saluda County Dispatch.  The two suspects drove into a wooded area, and ran into the woods.




  One of the suspects, Gregory Slayton, turned himself into the Ridge Spring Fire Department, who then turned him over to law enforcement.




   The Saluda County Sheriff’s Office Dog Team, the Aiken County Dog Team, and SLED air support were called out, and apprehended the second subject, Lamar Shannon, a short time later.




  Officers from Ridge Spring, Town of Saluda, Aiken County, SCHP, SLED and the Ridge Spring Fire Department all assisted in the investigation and apprehension of the suspects.




  Investigators from Ridge Spring PD, Saluda County Sheriff’s Office and the SLED Crime Scene are working with witnesses, reviewing footage from video cameras, and other parties involved to develop the timeline leading up to the incident.




  Samuels was pronounced dead at the scene by Saluda County Coroner Keith Turner.  The Coroner’s office will conduct an autopsy later this week to determine actual cause of death. 




  "I can’t thank the Ridge Spring Fire Department enough," said Ridge Spring PD Chief Mike Raffield, "it was their quick thinking and bravery that provided crucial information about the suspects in this investigation."




  Saluda County Sheriff John C. Perry said that "A critical incident like this, where so many first responders, from law enforcement to fire and EMS are all pitching in and offering assistance, shows the true partnership and dedication to protecting and serving the community by these brave men and women."




  Shannon and Slayton will face charges of murder for their involvement in this incident.




  If you have any information about the altercation, please contact the Saluda County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line, 864-969-TIPS.







Body Found in Edgefield


County Identified








  On Friday September 2, 2016, the Saluda County Sheriff’s Office and Saluda County Coroner’s Office were notified by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) that the unidentified body found in Edgefield County was Saluda County’s missing person Nancy Caughman Lott.




  Mrs. Lott was reported missing and was last seen on June17, 2016 in the Ridge Spring area of Saluda County. Forensic tests are being conducted on all evidence collected at the scene. The Saluda County Coroner Keith Turner and his staff have been working closely with the Sheriff’s Office and SLED to aid in the positive identification of Mrs. Lott throughout this investigation.




  Sheriff John C. Perry and Coroner Turner and staff notified the family of the identification.




  A task force has been assembled that is dedicated to the identification and apprehension of the person(s) responsible for Mrs. Lott’s death. Sheriff Perry wants the public to know that the person(s) responsible for this crime will be identified. The task force has consulted with criminal profilers from SLED who are experts in the field of violent crime.




  A profile of the offender(s) is being prepared and will be utilized by the task force in obtaining the arrest of the responsible parties. A preliminary profile from the criminal profilers at SLED suggests that the discovery of Mrs. Lott and the subsequent investigation will become all-consuming for the offender(s). They will follow all press accounts on the investigation and may ask others if they have been contacted by law enforcement.




  There will be behavioral changes of the person(s) responsible. These changes will be in their daily patterns, such as sleep and the consumption of food, alcohol and/or drugs. The behavioral changes are the result of the fear of being arrested and not actual remorse for their conduct. We recognize that people close to these individuals will not want to believe that they could possibly commit such an act. However, it is important that these people come forward and provide any information; no matter how minor the information may seem. As the person(s) responsible becomes more concerned with their apprehension they may act out violently against those closes to them.




  Do not directly confront anyone who you may suspect of being involved in this homicide. Contact law enforcement immediately. Any individuals that wish to provide information do not have to provide law enforcement their name. They may be assured that any information will be followed up on by members of the task force. The Saluda County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line: 864-939-TIPS (864-939-8477). Emails, which will also ONLY be followed up on by members off the task force, can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..