General Election Nov. 8 2016

General Election November 8

  Voters in Saluda County will join the rest of the nation in going to the polls Tues., Nov. 8, in the General Election.
  Of course, the main contest is the battle for President between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, but there are also some important local races.
  Democratic Saluda County Sheriff John Perry is being challenged by Republican Robin Freeman, a Saluda police captain. Both men are sons of police officers and have years of experience in law enforcement in Saluda County. Freeman defeated former Sheriff Jason Booth in the Republican  Primary.
  Democratic Saluda County Coroner Keith Turner will meet Republican Randall Maffett.
  Turner challenged the qualifications of the original Republican candidate Chuck Adams. A judge ruled in Turner’s favor.
  Because Adams was disqualified, the Republican Party was  able to open the books again and Maffett, a retired Highway Patrol lieutenant, filed. He meets all the qualifications.
  All of Saluda County’s voters can cast ballots in those two elections. The other contested races are in districts.
  In County Council District 2 incumbent William Pugh, a Democrat, faces Republican DJ Miller, a former county IT manager.
  In State Senate District 10 Democratic incumbent Floyd Nicholson will meet Ninety Six auctioneer Bryan Hope, a Republican.
  State Senate District 26 will see Democratic incumbent Nikki Setzler meeting Republican Brad Lindsey.
  Polls will open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.
  Saluda County has 30 different ballots with all the districts in county, school and state elections, so it is impossible to print all of the sample ballots, but following are all the races:
President and Vice President
  Hillary Clinton and Timothy Kaine, Democratic
  Donald Trump and Michael Pence, Republican 
  Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley, Constitution
  Evan McMullin and Nathan Johnson, Independence
  Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, Green  
  Peter Skewes and Michael Lacy, American
  Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, Libertarian

US Senate
  Thomas Dixon, Democratic
  Thomas Dixon, Working Families
  Bill Bledsoe, Constitution
  Thomas Dixon, Green
  Tim Scott, Republican
  Rebel Michael Scarborough, American  
  Bill Bledsoe, Libertarian

U.S. House of Representatives. District 03
  Hosea Cleveland, Democratic
  Jeff Duncan, Republican
  State Senate, District 10
  Floyd Nicholson, Democratic
  J Bryan Hope, Republican
  State Senate District 25
  Shane Massey, Republican
  State Senate, District 26
  Nikki Setzler, Democratic
  Brad Lindsey, Republican

State House of Representatives, District 39
  Tillman Gives, Democratic
  Cal Forrest, Republican

State House of Representatives, District 82
  William Bill Clyburn

Solicitor Circuit 11
  Rick Hubbard, Republican
  John C Perry, Democratic
  Robin Freeman, Republican
Clerk of Court
  Sherri Coleman, Republican
  Keith Turner, Democratic
  Randall Maffett , Republican
County Council District 02
  William Billie Pugh , Democratic
  DJ David Miller, Republican
County Council District 04
  Jones Butler, Republican
Soil and Water District Commission
  P Kevin Yon,  Non-Partisan
School Trustee District, 03 (Lexington School District)
  Craig A Caughman
  Stacey B Derrick
  Leon Drafts
  Lancer Shull
School Board District, District 01 (Aiken School District)
  Ronnie West
School Board District 1 Seat 3 
  William Eberz
School Board District 1 Seat 1  
  Sharon Williams Holloway
School Board District 1 Seat 5 
  James M Holloway Sr
School Board District 1 Seat 7
  Arlene S Puryear
Probate Judge
  Brenda Griffith, Republican