Riley on TV

Buck Riley in screen capture from “Hunted” episode.

Saludan Featured On
National Television

  For the third time since January 27, someone from Saluda County has been featured in a national television program.
  Buck Riley is the latest “star,” joining Charles Baird, Debbie Shealy, Jason and Colton Price and Doris Goff, who appeared on the Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods” filmed at Shealy’s BBQ in Batesburg-Leesville and broadcast on  Feb 7, and Bob and Ann Bowles who appeared in a “Tonight Show” skit on Jan. 27.
  Riley appeared in the final episode of the CBS reality show “Hunted,” Wed., Mar. 1. The premise of the program is 10 couples try to evade capture by detectives while traveling throughout the country for 28 days. The couple that isn’t captured wins $250,000.
  Riley was in a Newberry County field in July 2016, when a couple came walking out of the corn.
  He knew something was going on when he saw the couple was accompanied by cameramen.
  “They explained what was they were doing, and I brought them back to my house,” Riley said.
  Before anything could proceed, Riley had to prove he had insurance on his vehicle and sign other papers.
  At the Riley’s Saluda County  home, the couple, English and Stephen King of Hillsborough, N.C., asked of they could use the family computer to get on the internet.
  “They could only use it for five minutes,” Riley said.
  The couple and crew spent the night on the Riley farm, and Riley drove them to Greenwood the next day.
  The couple ended up in a location in Georgia, where they won the $250,000 by escaping in a plane moored on a lake.
  Only a small portion  of the visit with the Riley’s was shown on TV.
  “They filmed enough to do ten episodes,” Buck said.
  Riley said he wasn’t sure at the time if the program would ever air, so he didn’t mention the experience to many people.

Hall of Fame Kiosk
At County Museum

By Meade Hendrix  As a board member of the South Carolina Confederation of Local Historical Societies since 2008, I learned that the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce was planning to offer a kiosk to museums over the state so more people in South Carolina could recognize and honor those who were inducted into the South Carolina Hall of Fame. Letters were sent to museums over the state offering to set up a kiosk in their museums for free. The kiosks are operated by Wi-Fi from Myrtle Beach. Each year the new inductees will be added to the program.
  The Saluda County Historical Society Board voted to accept this offer. This adds another dimension in history to the Saluda County museum. William Barrett Travis and James Butler Bonham were inducted into the South Carolina Hall of Fame in 2001. In 2016, David Drake, Dave the Potter, was inducted. His information will be added to the kiosk soon. Some other inductees from our area are Thomas Green Clemson, Pierce Butler, John C. Calhoun, Benjamin E. Mays, Roger Milliken, and J. Strom Thurmond.
  The kiosk is easily operated by touching the screen. The Saluda County Historical Society hopes adults and students will take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the inductees and their outstanding contributions to South Carolina history.
  You can nominate a person for consideration into the hall of fame through any historical or genealogical organization in your district. The nomination form would then be sent to the Confederation of Local Historical Societies for consideration
  The South Carolina Hall of Fame dedicated on February 11, 1973, by Governor John C. West was created to recognize and honor those contemporary and past citizens who have made outstanding contributions to South Carolina’s heritage and progress. It is a nonprofit corporation conducted under a state charter. The South Carolina Hall of Fame is located in the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. On September 21, 2001, Governor Jim Hodges signed into law a bill designating the South Carolina Hall of Fame as the state’s official hall of fame.
  Persons born in South Carolina who obtained recognition elsewhere and persons born elsewhere but who made their home in and obtained esteem and recognition in the state of South Carolina are eligible for induction.
  One contemporary and one deceased citizen may be inducted into the Hall of Fame annually. The Confederation of South Carolina Local Historical Societies is the official organization for selecting nominees for the Hall of Fame. The Confederation presents contemporary and deceased nominees to the Board of Trustees for judging annually.
  The South Carolina Hall of Fame is funded by the state of South Carolina, the city of Myrtle Beach and the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.