Home Invasion Update

Four Suspects Identifed In
Persimmon Hill Home Invasion

  The Saluda County Sheriff’s Office has identified four suspects in last week’s home invastion at Persimmon Hill and dropped charges against one of the orginally arrested suspects.
  Following is the update:
Original Incident Recap
  On Wednesday March 8, 2017 at approximately 12:30am armed suspects entered a residence in the Persimmon Hill Golf Course Community.  During the incident, the armed suspects; impersonating police officers, grabbed the two home owners Mr. & Mrs. Danny Tidwell, separated them and placed them in different rooms with their hands bound behind their backs.  The suspects ransacked the residence taking anything that was of value along with the keys to one of the victims’ vehicles.  The vehicle was recovered in Aiken County along with some of the victims’ personal items.  The Sheriff’s Office was able to identify and arrest two suspects; Jerry Kirk of Saluda County and Abin Lee Lowman of Edgefield County as suspects in this incident.
Current Developments
and New Suspects
  Investigators from Saluda County Sheriff’s Office and SLED have been conducting an extensive investigation, reviewing video footage from the surrounding area, interviewing witnesses, and collecting physical evidence. 
  The Sheriff’s Office has been able to now eliminate Mr. Kirk as a suspect in this case even after evidence was located at the crime scene suggesting his involvement.  Mr. Kirk was very corporative during this investigation and was released on 03-12-2017.  The Sheriff’s Office apologizes to Mr. Kirk, and he was very understanding due to the evidence found at the scene. 
  After further investigation, the Sheriff’s Office has been able to name 3 more suspects in this incident.  This makes a total of 4 suspects in connection with this home invasion.  Abin Lee Lowman (In-Custody) of Edgefield County, SC; James Christopher Wilson (In-Custody) of Laurel, MD.
  The Maryland Transit Police pulled Mr. Wilson over on 03-11-2017 for a traffic violation and ran his driver’s license and was advised that the Saluda County Sheriff’s Office had a warrant for his arrest.  Maryland Transit Police then advised the Sheriff’s Office of their contact with Mr. Wilson.  The Sheriff’s Office at this time sent a detainer and request for extradition for Mr. Wilson to bring him back to Saluda County for this incident.
  The other two suspects in this case are also from the State of Maryland in the Silver Spring area, and the Sheriff’s Office feels very good about the possibility of having the additional suspects listed below in custody soon.
  The suspects listed are being charged with and wanted for; Burglary 1st Degree, Kidnapping, Use of a Weapon during a Violent Crime, Armed Robbery, Impersonating the Police, and Grand Larceny.
  The Saluda County Sheriff’s Office asks if anyone has any knowledge or information about these suspects or their whereabouts to please contact the Sheriff’s Office at (864) 445-2112 or Crime Stoppers at 1-888-CRIME SC immediately.

SCISSA 2017 Student Council of the Year – Pictured Top to Bottom: Chris Fincher, Truman Caughman, Jade Temples, Hunter DuBose, Ben Buzhardt, River Guy, Madison Swain, Jonni Belle Widener, Gracelyn Metts, Jackson Parrish, Kyia Metcalf, Alex Mitchell, and Allison DeLoache


King Academy’s Student Council

Gets Statewide Recogniton

  King Academy students, faculty, and staff have been busy with many wonderful events and activities. The WKA Student Council recently attended the annual SCISSA (South Carolina Independent School Student Association) Spring Convention in Myrtle Beach and was named the Student County of the Year.
  The students had a great time together sharing fun and fellowship with each other and other SCISA schools.
  SCISSA was organized for the purpose of promoting and encouraging fellowship, activities, and interest on a state-wide basis among students in member schools of the South Carolina Independent School Association in academic excellence, in leadership and citizenship, and in good student government. SCISSA sponsors such student activities throughout the year as a summer leadership workshop, a fall conference at the State Capitol, student exchange week, Student Council of the Year, and Honor Society of the Year Awards, and also a spring convention held in Myrtle Beach in March. Officers for the year are elected at the spring convention.
  Officers from SCISA schools all across the state met to enjoy three days of activities. King Academy  congratulates Jackson Parrish who was elected the 2017-18 Recording Secretary of SCISSA.  This the seventh consecutive year a WKA student has been elected to the SCISSA Executive Committee.
  WKA also received the SCISSA 2017 Student Council of the Year. WKA also received SCISSA Student Council of the Year in 2010, 2014, and 2015. King Acadedmy’s Ben Buzhardt, SCISSA 2016-17 President, is congratulated for a great year of service as he passed his gavel to the next SCISSA President.
  A special thank you to WKA Activities Director Mrs. Paula Edwards for all of her hard work and dedication with the students.