Tidbits - July 27, 2017



  Remember, a few weeks ago when I wrote that my Ancestry.com  DNA test did not take and I had to submit a new sample?
  I wondered then if the second test did not work, did I actually exist?
  Good news for me. I got the results last week, and I am for real.
  I’ve scoffed at the Ancestry.com commercials: “I thought I was Spanish. Turns out I’m Irish.”
  “Not possible,” I thought.
  I wrote a few weeks ago, I knew I was German on the Shealy and Herlong side, and English on other sides of the family.
  I got my results.
  I thought I was German. Turns out I’m Scandinavian. At least, 37 percent worth.
  What??!!! In my Ethnicity Estimate, there is no, zero, not one ounce German!!!
  How is that possible, when I have the family histories?
  At the top of the Genetic Ancestry it says, “Thousands of years ago.”
  My family members may have lived in Germany when they came to America in the 1750s, but hundred of years earlier, their ancestors came from Scandinavian.
  In other words, I am a Viking!!! I always liked the Minnesota Vikings. Now, I know why. I’ve got to get me a hat with some horns!
  A third of me, 33 percent, came from Great Britain, which was not a surprise.
  One tenth of me is from Italy and Greece. I’ve got no clue on that one.
  I’m nine percent European Jewish. That I knew, although I figured I’d be 12.5 percent, since my mother’s grandfather on her mother’s side was Jewish.
  He came to America with a family friend when he was 12, with the anticipation his family would follow him. As far as anyone knows, they never did.
  He married a Presbyterian, so my great-grandparents were Jewish- Presbyterian, Baptist-Baptist, Lutheran-Lutheran,  and Methodist-Methodist.
  I’m also seven percent Irish. I get mailers trying to sell me Irish items, because the companies think “Shealy” is Irish. Even though I’m Scandinavian, I guess I can get some Irish stuff now.
  In the “low confidence” regions and I am one percent from Caucasus and one percent from the Middle East. These include Iran, Iraq, Syria, Israel, etc.
  So, if you throw in Italy, Greece, Ireland with the Middle East connections, then my religious make-up can also include Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Muslim.
  So, my siblings and I are most of the “world,” with exception of no Asian relations.
  Now, if you think this is a bunch of malarky, let me tell you this.
  All I supplied with the DNA test was my name.
  My “Genetic Communities” are: “Settlers of Western South Carolina & Central Mississippi/Alabama; settlers of Central Georgia; and settlers of South Carolina’s Midlands and Coastal Plains.”
  So, you can see your DNA tells a lot ... even where you live!
  My DNA results also suppled 571 pages of cousins, from second to eighth. Many of them only supply initials and most don’t include photos.
  I’ve only been able peruse 60 of the 571 pages. I want to see if I have any famous cousins!
  So far, I have able to see the last names I know like Shealy, Herlong, Padget, Bodie, etc.
  I’ve also recognized what appears to be Jewish, Irish and Italians.
  From those with photos, I can see I have at least six African American relatives.
  The DNA results don’t supply any addresses, but it does allow you to contact your relatives. I don’t think I’ll be doing that any time soon. I don’t have that much time.
  A few months ago, I was talking about genealogy with Gerry Coleman.
  I assumed “Coleman” was a British name.
  “No,” Gerry said, “Scandinavian.”
  “You’re kidding,” I said.
  Little did I know.
  Gerry’s cousin Ryan Coleman is married to my niece Erin Shealy, so their children Skylar and Kassidy are doubly Scandinavian.
  I ordered the Ancestry.com DNA test when it was $20 off. I’m glad I did.
  I’ve got a feeling I’m going to  be exploring my ancestry for awhile. Well, at least until I get through reading 571 pages of cousins!


  Gene Conley was on one of the baseball cards of my youth.
  He was not a superstar, but the thing that stood out to me was, at 6-8 in height, he played both professional baseball and professional basketball.
  Not only did he play two professional sports, he was on the Braves’ World Series champion team of 1957, and played on three NBA championship teams as a member of the Boston Celtics.
  He didn’t have big stats, but he had four championship rings from two different sports. He was one of only two athletes to win titles in two major pro sports. The other was Otto Graham.
  I hadn’t thought of Gene Conley since I was a little boy, until I read he died on July 4th at the age of 86.
  When I read of Conley’s death, I began to wonder if the latest tall baseball player, Aaron Judge, excelled in other sports.
  In case you don’t know, the 6-7 Judge is a rookie outfielder for the New York Yankees, who leads the majors in home runs and has hit many tape measure homers.
  I looked it up.
  Judge was a wide receiver on his high school football team. His senior year, he caught 57 passes and scored 17 touchdowns. In  basketball, he averaged 18 points and 12 rebounds a game. I guess you can say, he is a pretty good athlete.


  The Saluda Tigers have played for the 2-A upper state championship the last two seasons, and the respect those teams have earned has continued into this pre-season.
  One pre-season poll has the Tigers ranked fourth in 2-A. That’s the good news. The bad news is Abbeville, who beat the Tigers in both those upper state games, is still ranked number one.
  Saluda is now considered a local school by “The State” paper.   A few weeks ago, Ny’Kel Rolland was named to the All-Midlands track team. Tyrell Abney was named honorable mention.
  Ny’Kel, like Tyrell, a speedy member of last year’s Tiger football team, was named the Lakeland’s male track athlete of the year by the “Index-Journal.”
  Ny’Kel won the 100 meter and triple jump at the state 2A meet.


  I watched the last part of Michael Phelps’ swimming race with a great white shark on the Discovery Channel Sunday night, even though it ran over into the opening of “The Game of Thrones.”
  The race ended with great white leaping out of the water and beating Phelps by two seconds.
  Monday morning, I found out Phelps was racing a DIGITAL shark,
  What a bummer!