Tidbits - August 10, 2017



  The S.C. High School league announced its realignment for next year, and it looks like Saluda is returning to the SEC or ACC of 2-A football.
  The Tigers were the class of their new league in football last year, going unbeaten against Eau Claire, Gray Collegiate, C.A. Johnson, Keenan and Fox Creek.
  Those will be Saluda’s opponents this year, but next year Saluda will once again be in the league with Abbeville, Batesburg-Leesville and Ninety Six. To make matters worse, Silver Bluff, another perennial state title contender has been added. Also in the league are Fox Creek and Dixie.
  To put the league into football perspective, Abbeville defeated Saluda the last two years for the Upperstate Championship. Last season, the Panthers beat B&L for the state championship. The year before, Abbeville beat Silver Bluff. So of the six semi-final and final games the last two seasons in AA, members of the proposed conference were in all of them.
  Doesn’t seem fair, does it?
  There will be appeals throughout the state I’m sure, so none of this is written in stone.
  While the Tigers current conference is not as strong in football, it is very representative in other sports.
  With seven teams in the proposed league, Saluda will only have four non-region games in football.
  It will be interesting with Dixie and Abbeville in the region. Both schools are in  Abbeville County, but they have rarely played in football in recent history.
  I’ve heard the reason Abbeville’s stadium is so inadequate for the type of program the school has is because if Abbeville’s stadium gets improvements, Dixie’s stadium must get equal upgrades. This has always happened at Irmo and Chapin, but that is a rich school district. Abbeville is not.
  If I heard correctly at a game last year, the last time Dixie beat Abbeville in football, Kelly White of the Saluda State Farm office was a cheerleader for Dixie and her future husband John was a player for the Panthers.
  That will be interesting if the two Abbeville schools meet.
  Looking are the realignment, it appears Ridge Spring-Monetta’s league remains basically unchanged.
  Here the 2017 football season has not even started, and I’m talking about 2018. Football season never ends!


  We’ve all read about the Little League girls’ softball team that got disqualified from the World Series because they posted a picture on social media of the girls flashing a sign  with their fingers.
  It was done as a “joke.” (Where have I heard that before?”)
  World Series officials did not laugh, and disqualified the team for unsportsmanlike conduct. The team would have played for the championship.
  I feel sorry for the team, who threw all they had worked for away over one stupid gesture.
  Of course, it’s hard to criticize teenagers, when we have a President who continuously sends embarrassing tweets. Who is setting an example?
  The President needs to stay off social media. He criticizes the press, but often they are pouncing on something he tweets.
  He also needs to stay on script when speaking in public. I don’t blame him when he says things he shouldn’t say when talking to Boy Scouts or policemen.
  He’s not a politician and doesn’t know any better. I blame his advisors.
  Hopefully, new chief of staff Gen. John Kelly will help steer the Trump in the right direction.
  Stay on script and  don’t ad lib, and don’t use semi-curse words your mama told you not to say, even though its in the Bible, to Boy Scouts.
  The President also needs to clean house with his spokespersons.
  Kelly Ann Conway is more quoted than he is, and that is not good.
  The guy who looks like Pee Wee Herman is downright scary.
  A Republican leader said Steven Miller is very smart, and is a good advisor, but should never appear on national TV again. Like Conway, he doesn’t help the president by being made Saturday Night Live skit material. Even Paulie Shore, who I thought had disappeared off the face of the earth, did a take-off on Miller.
  Also, being mocked in skits is new press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders who is nice enough, but she looks like she picks out her wardrobe out of her grandmother’s closet. There can not be a worst dressed public official in America. She does not look professional at all, and neither did Sean Spicer, and that played into Melissa McCarthy’s take-off.
  Sarah didn’t know not to wear green (like the green screen weather broadcasters use), and bloggers had a field day running movie scenes, etc., across her dress. Again, this is a rookie mistake and she has no one to advise her it appears.
  Ivanka and Melania Trump are two of the most beautiful and  stylish women in the world. Let them work on Sarah.
  The President is a big enough personality. He doesn’t need a supporting cast, Conway, Spicer, Miller and Sanders, getting equal billing. Scaramucci was going to join that throng, but he only lasted ten days.
  Never a dull moment!


  Monday, I bought some gummy vitamins at lunch.
  I was about to leave them in the car when I got to work, but thankfully I had a memory flash back.
  A few years ago I bought a bottle a bottle of soft gel vitamins and left them in the car one summer afternoon.
  When I got home from work, I removed the vitamins from the bag and discovered my purchase had melted into one, jar shaped vitamin that could not be removed.
  I threw them, it,  away.
  I saved my gummies by remembering. Thank goodness, because I got two for one.

  I was so sad at the passing of Don Hancock last week.
  I knew his cancer was getting worse, but I’m the eternal optimist when it comes to the health of my family and friends.
  When it came over our church prayer text chain last week that Don had entered a hospice house, I knew it wouldn’t be long.
  On August 2, Don went home.
  He was good at that.
  A retired Marine Colonel, and a retired business leader, he could have gone to live in exotic places or big cities, but instead, he came home to his roots, Saluda County.
  And he didn’t sit just in a rocking chair on his front porch to while away the hours, he got involved in many organizations.
  Finally, he decided to further help the county by running for County Council Chairman. He won and did an excellent job.
  I’ve known Don for nearly 60 years. He was a year younger, but we were involved in Cub Scouts, Boys Scouts, little league (he on the Tigers, me on the Yankees), and high school sports and organizations together.
  My sister Dibbie and his sister Ann were the same age and good friends, and they visited each other’s home a lot.
  He was gone from Saluda for 30 years, but old friendships never die, they just get rekindled.
  Don fought hard to beat cancer. He faced it with courage and dignity.
  His last County Council public meeting was in June. It was a typical hot, summer day, but Don had on a sweater.
  He turned the presiding duties over to Vice-Chairman Gwen Shealy, but on several occasions during the meeting he commented eloquently on issues important to our county.
  I did not know then, that would be the last time I would see my old friend.
  At his visitation Saturday, I joined with several of Don’s and Ann’s classmates and other high school friends for a little reunion. That’s how it is nowadays. We see old friends at visitations and funerals.
  We all talked about how we all needed to get together ... and soon, before that “glad reunion day.”
  Don, we all appreciate what you did for your beloved Saluda County, and we hope to carry on your legacy.
  My sympathy to Don’s sisters Charlyn and Ann, and the rest of the family.
  Don earned many awards and medals on this earth, but has now earned the greatest reward.