Last Vegas Shooting

Saluda Woman Was Near
Las Vegas Shooting Scene

  A Saluda woman was near where the Las Vegas shooting tragedy occurred Sunday night.
  Jana Tuttle, daughter of Linda and Joey Tuttle announced on Facebook, “I am very fortunate to be safe. I was directly outside of the concert entrance in a vehicle when the shooting occurred. It was terrifying and reminded me, we aren’t always promised tomorrow!!! My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the families of those affected by the shootings in Las Vegas!”
  “The only reason I didn’t purchase a ticket to the country music festival was because it was too hot outside,” Ms. Tuttle told the Standard-Sentinel.
  Despite her proximity to the shooting, Ms. Tuttle did not hear the shots.
  “We were in a car and had the radio on,” she said.
  She knew something bad was going on, however. Thirty minutes later she heard two people had been killed, and it got worse from there.
  She said she did not sleep at all Sunday night, and the airports were on lockdown, and would not let anyone in or out.
  Two other Saluda natives J.W. Stephens and Jimmy Yow, were in Las Vegas at the time, and marked themselves “safe” on Facebook.

2017 Ridge Spring Harvest Festival
And Bar-be-que Battle October 12-14

  The Ridge Spring Harvest Festival began in 1982 with the theme of 100 years of progress.  Each year there was a different theme.  In 1983 it was “Farming on the Ridge”, then “A time to Gather”,” Something to Cackle About”, “Reunion of the Ridge”,  “Community on the Moo-ve”, “The Pride of the Ridge”, “Timber on the Ridge”, “A Salute to American Veternans”, “Let’s Go Nuts”, “Fiesta on the Ridge” just to name a few.   That brings us to this year’s theme.  It goes a bit farther with the Bar-BE-Que theme for there is competition.
  This year the Ridge Spring Harvest Festival  will be hosting the BBQ Battle for the Ridge.  You will have the opportunity to sample 15 competitors who are tops in the field of cooking BBQ using their own recipes.  You can even reserve a pound of Bar-be-que or buy a whole Boston butt.  Ridge Spring Town Hall will give you a receipt with a number on it at the time of payment and you will be able to choose which cooker you want to get your BBQ from the day of the festival October 14th.  Town Hall’s phone number is 803.685.5511.
  Now there will be more there this year too.  Bingo, Country Store, Music at the Gazebo, Free activities including rock wall.   The Country Store would not be possible without the support of our local farmers.
  Here is a little history of the Cake and pie Contest. In the beginning, Annie Lois Asbill of the famous Asbill Catering began the pie and cake contest.  All went well except a very sweet lady kept winning the pound cake part.   Her name was Louise “Cricket” Cogburn.  She was finally given permanent recognition and did not compete any more. 
  Then it became a little too much, and Annie Lois asked Daisy Rutland to help with the pies.  Daisy and her friend called people to remind them of the contest.  They had 76 pies that had to be judged.  Eventually Annie Lois turned all over to Daisy who has done it since.  This year Daisy has turned it over to Debbie Rodgers. 
  Bank’s Drugs has been sponsoring the contest for over 22 years supplying funds for the first, second, and third place winners.  The children’s category was added three or four years ago and Bo supplies that one too.
  The committee did put together a cookbook.  Not very many are left.
  There was the year that during the judging, the power went out.  One of the judges was trying to find out the name of the winner.  Without realizing it, he turned it upside down and the pie dropped out of the pan.  He immediately bought it.  By the way the pie was still delicious.
  A coveted job at the Harvest Festival is judging the contest.  How nice for all!!!!  There are other stories about the contest, but I do not have them.  Maybe at another time.
  After the judging, the pies, cakes and cookies  go on sale, so all bring their entries in nonreturnable containers.   The categories are: pound cake, layered cake, pie, and children’s cookie and brownie contest.

IN CLEMSON HOMECOMING TOP TEN - Congratulations to Greyson Lake, Saluda native, for placing in the top ten of Clemson University’s Homecoming pageant. Greyson is the daughter of Wesley Lake and Kim Lake of Saluda, and is a PreHealth Science major. Grandparents of Saluda are Karl and JeNeann Adams and Ethel Lake. She serves as President of Clemson’s Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and was nominated to compete by her sisters. The winner of Clemson’s Homecoming 2017 will be announced at Friday night’s Tigerama. Good luck, Greyson!