Tidbits - December 14, 2017





  If you watch any series on TV, you’re pretty sure a character you like is going to die.
  I’m a fan of “The Walking Dead” and “The Game of Thrones,” and you learn quickly not get too attached to any of the characters.
  Some of the characters are invincible, or a least you thought.
  I thought “Carl” on the “Walking Dead” would be on the show until it went off the air.
  According to the comic book, which I’ve never read, Carl doesn’t die, but Sunday, the program went against the comics.
  At the very end of the fall finale, Carl revealed to his father Rick that he had been bitten on his stomach by a walker, which is a death sentence. If you get bit by a zombie, you become a zombie, unless, of course, someone shoots you in the head. I guess Rick will get the honor.
  As a little boy, Carl had to shoot his mother before she turned into a walker.
  The program will not return until February 25, and that episode will be a sobfest as we all know Carl is going to expire.
  Carl is played by actor Chandler Riggs. The program is filmed in Atlanta, and Chandler is a local boy.
   He began as an 11-year-old, and fans watched Carl (and Chandler) grow up. This year, Chandler, not Carl, graduated from high school and announced on Twitter that he had been accepted at Auburn.
  Carl’s demise is obviously based on Chandler’s growing up and wanting to go to college, and lead a normal life. I doubt if that is going to happen, the normal life thing.
  I follow most of “The Walking Dead” characters on Instagram and Twitter. All last week Chandler urged fans to watch the fall finale.
  The little twerp didn’t tell up he was going to die!
  Carl is known for his long hair.
  Last week Chandler posted pictures of his hair being cut into a mullet hair style for another role. I wondered how this was going to affect the episode shooting next season. Would they have to put weaves Carl’s hair?
  That was another hint. They won’t have to worry. Carl will be dead.
  Through the years, Carl has been shot twice and survived in a no doctor’s office in existence world. The first time he was saved by a veterinarian.
  In the last shooting, he accomplished what Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” couldn’t do. He got his eye shot out! He’s worn  a patch ever since.
  In the scheme of the program Carl has been a minor character, only appearing in a few episodes each season, but when he appears, it is a major plot twist.
  It will be sad to see Carl go. May your eye be restored, may your friends and family who have gone before you unite with you in Heaven, and may you get all the chocolate pudding you want.


  There was a big baseball trade last week.
  The New Yankees got Giancarlo Stanton from the Miami Marlins.
  What does this mean?
  Stanton hit 59 home runs last year for the Marlins. He joins on the Yankees Aaron Judge who hit 52 homers.
  This reminds me of my favorite team from my youth, the 1961 New York Yankees. That year Roger Maris hit 61 home runs, and his teammate Mickey Mantle hit 54.
  There is a big difference when you compare Stanton & Judge and Maris & Mantle.
  Roger Maris was 6-0, 197 lbs. Mantle was 5-11, 195 lbs.
  Stanton is 6-6, 245, and Judge is 6-7, 282. Those are two big men.
  I’m anxious to see what they do as teammates next year.


  Will Muschamp let offensive coordinator Kurt Roper go last week. It had to happen. The Carolina offense had not improved one iota in two years.
  Quarterback Jake  Bentley actually regressed.
  I know Muschamp was hoping Roper would get the Rice job  and the situation would take care of itself, but that did not happen.
  Head coaches have to make tough decisions.
  Now, where does Will go from here? His track record of choosing offensive coordinators isn’t very good. In six years as a head coach, he has not had one good offensive team.
  Bryan McClendon will call the plays in the bowl game. I met him when he spoke in Saluda at the Gamecock Club meeting a couple of years ago, and he was very impressive.
  He’s never called plays  before, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have good ideas. Anything would be better than Roper’s unimaginative play calling.
  The Outback Bowl will be an audition.
  He’s been on this stage before. When Georgia fired Mark Richt, McClendon was Georgia’s acting coach when the Bulldogs won its bowl game.
  Soon thereafter, McClendon joined Muschamp at Carolina.


  I got home around 8 p.m. Saturday, and I noticed the lights of the three cell towers up ahead.
  Then the thought me, “There’s only one cell tower, you idiot.”
  I saw one cell tower and two stars in the east.
  Night time pictures with an iPhone don’t turn out too well, so I didn’t take a picture, but I did walk down to the highway after I parked the car, and the lights were still there.
  They reminded of a campout in my youth.
  We were sitting around the campfire, when someone looked up and said, “What is that?”
  We looked up and saw a ball in the sky. Naturally, we ran up the hill to a pasture to get a better view.
  When we got to the pasture, the stationary ball took off and quickly disappeared from view. It was as if the object was watching us.
  This was not a figment of my imagination. It was witnessed by six people.
  Saturday night, when I got inside and got on Facebook, I saw many postings about strange lights. Soon, the TV stations started posting they were getting inundated with calls.
  Finally, the mystery was solved. Giant C-17 planes were flying in formation on a training exercise, or so they say......
  What I saw didn’t look a like planes, but I guess it would be too ironic for flying saucers and C-17s to be in the air at the same time!


  I was so sad to hear Eric Chapman had died in a car accident on his job as a Johnston Police officer Friday night.
  I had just taken a picture of Eric as he rode in the Saluda Christmas Parade just six days earlier.
  When he was in the Marines and stationed in Afghanistan, we corresponded off and on on Facebook Messenger for two years during football season. He was checking on the progress of the Saluda Tigers.
  You know how you accidently send a text to one person that you thought you were sending to someone else?
  Well, I got one of those messages from Eric that he was sending to his girl friend.
  I quickly got a “I’m sorry, Mr. Ralph.”
  We had a good Facebook Messenger laugh over that, and he let me know he would be home to watch the Saluda Tigers play the next season.
  I would see Eric at each home game. He loved the Saluda Tigers. While most members of the Chapman family pulled for Clemson, Eric supported the Florida State Seminoles, and his father Poogie pulled for Georgia.
  Eric is the third Saluda native to die on the job as a law enforcement officer. Like Allen Myers, he worked in Edgefield County and died on the job in a patrol car accident.
  Sadly ironic is the fact Eric’s brother-in-law is Sheriff John Perry, and John’s father Tommy Perry died of a heart attack while making a traffic stop as a Saluda policemen,
  All three of these men in blue left us too soon.
  Eric will be greatly missed. My sympathy to his family.