Legion Meeting with Chairman

CHAIRMAN SPEAKS TO LEGION - Saluda American Legion Post 65 was pleased to have Saluda County Council Chairperson, The Honorable Derrick Jones as the key note speaker at their February meeting. He shared his vision for our county. Jones noted that the Council meetings were being streamed on the county web site making the Council meetings transparent as much as possible.  He encouraged citizens to attend Council meetings or  visit the County web site.  Pictured left to right:  Chaplain John Hood, World War II Veteran Wilbur Humpries, World War II Veteran Bill Begemann, The Honorable Derrick Jones, Commander Al Butler and Adjutant Tina Buffington.

Purification, Romance, Repentance

by Roy Vandegrift, III

  Get ready; be prepared.  February (which means “purify”) cometh!  A mere 2,700 years ago, February was added along with January as the 11th and 12th months on the Roman 10 month calendar.  Therefore, February was both the End and the Beginning.  So here we go!
  February 2nd was Feralia, when sacrifices were offered to the dead.  So is that why pancake suppers would become popular then?!  That day was 40 days after Christmas – the birthday of Jesus, and Mary concluded her 40 days of purification, which the Church named Candlemas.
  February is the month of purification and repentance AND romance.  Roman men walked around – nude – brrrrrr – whipping themselves in repentance.
  On February 12th and 13th priests walked around nude whipping childless women with goat skin whips.  That’s a strange way to get barren women pregnant, especially by a nude man.
  It was also the custom on these days to draw the name of a young girl out of an urn.  She would then be the girlfriend of the young man for the coming year.  Cupid is associated with this – shooting love arrows into the hearts of people, causing them to fall in love with an inappropriate person.  Some called him ‘stupid Cupid’.
  Valentine, an upper-class Roman and, later a saint, lived circa 250 AD.  He was executed for his Christian beliefs – he would not renounce Jesus.  Valentine sent greetings to friends, one of whom he signed, “From your Valentine”.  This was done on the 13th, 14th or 15th of February – Feast of Lupercalia. Around 500 AD the Church renamed February 14th as Saint Valentine’s Day and tried to get people to draw the names of saints, not women, out of urns.  The idea was a flop!  In Britain in mid-February birds also began to mate as spring was approaching.  Kale was in bloom so kale soup was popular.
  On the 29th day of February – ‘0ne day more one year in four’ – women asked men to marry them.  The weather of February 2nd could also determine the weather for the coming year:  warm day meant cool year and vice versa.  George Washington, Abe Lincoln, and William Henry Harrison were born this month (February) – so was your writer, RV3.
  Our Valentine’s Day goes back into the Roman world associated with Venus – goddess of love, — Cupid — the winged baby with bow and arrows creating romance — and Lupercus – god of shepherds and flocks.  Early Christianity attempted over the centuries to modify the customs of several pagan festivals.  England’s King Henry VIII officially acknowledged St. Valentine’s Day in England. In the mid-19th century in our country, Esther Howland really launched Valentine card mailings.  The penny stamp helped.  Ms. Howland made a fortune making and selling Valentines.  We still love cards and candy and flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Seeking Candidates for S.C. Silver Haired Legislature


  The Upper Savannah Area Agency on Aging/Aging & Disability Resource Center is seeking candidates for the next term of the S.C. Silver Haired Legislature.

  Greenwood and Laurens counties are eligible for three represen-tatives apiece while Abbeville, Edgefield, McCormick and Saluda counties are each eligible for two representatives.
  The purposes of Silver Haired Legislature are to identify issues, concerns, and possible solutions for problems faced by the citizens of South Carolina with special emphasis on issues related to seniors; to make recommendations to the Governor and to members of the SC General Assembly; to educate the public on senior issues; to encourage seniors to participate actively in public affairs; to function on a nonpartisan basis; to promote good government for all South Carolinians; and to hold one Silver Haired Legislative session annually.
  Anyone who is 60 and older and is a registered voter in the county in which he or she resides is eligible for candidacy. Those interested in becoming a Silver Haired Legislature representative can request a candidate packet by contacting Vanessa Wideman at Upper Savannah Area Agency on Aging/Aging & Disability Resource Center at 864.941.8053.
  Filing for candidacy will continue through February 23. The election will be held on March 6. Election locations will be announced at a later date. The election is for two-year terms.

Lions Club Grant Approved

  The Saluda Lion’s club has been informed that our grant for help in the purchase of the Spot camera has been approved.
  Many of you have contributed to the Don Hancock memorial fund which was established both to honor Don and to help with the purchase of the Spot camera. During the fall, we were able to borrow a camera from the Abbeville club. We went to all of the local schools and did eye exams on almost one thousand students.
  About one hundred and fifty of those were sent to their optometrist for further evaluation. The ultimate purchase of this camera will insure that we will be able to identify eye problems not only with school children but to be utilized in churches and senior citizen’s venues.   We want to thank all who helped make this possible.