Tidbits - April 5 2018

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  I enjoyed the broadcast of “Jesus Christ, Superstar” on NBC Easter Sunday night.
  It’s been so long since I’ve seen it or heard it, but did I see it?
  I’m at that age of confusion.
  When I watched the telecast Sunday, I knew all the songs, so I’m sure I owned a LP or 8-track of the soundtrack at one time (this was before cassettes).
  A movie came out in 1973, according to Google, so I’m pretty sure I saw that ... maybe.
  But have I ever seen the play?
  After I posted something on Facebook when the telecast was over, Phil Flynn and Jim Moore both said they saw the play when they were at Carolina.
  Although the three of us were at Carolina at the same time, we did not know each other then. But if Phil and Jim saw the play back in the early 70s, maybe I did, too!
  Caroline Brazil commented she saw it at the Coliseum, and a vision began to come back to me ... seeing the play from so far away up in the stands the actors looked like toy soldiers.
  I do remember when “Jesus Christ, Superstar” first came out.
  I watched “The Tonight Show,” with Johnny Carson every night. Believe it not, one of Johnny’s occasional guests was evangelist Oral Roberts.
  I rarely remember what any of Johnny’s guest said, but I do remember Johnny asking Oral if he liked “Jesus Christ, Superstar.”
  The famous preacher answered that he did, but “I liked the book better.”
  Wasn’t that a great answer?!
  Whether I’ve seen “Jesus Christ, Superstar,” before doesn’t matter. I’ve seen it now.
  I’ll have to look for that 8-track.....


  I came to a conclusion over the weekend, many Gamecock fans have already figured out.
  The Carolina women’s basketball team has a mental block when it comes to playing Connecticut. In all the times the two teams have played since Dawn Staley has been at Carolina, only once was a game close. The Gamecocks have won exactly none of the match-ups.
  Yet, Carolina can beat Mississippi State, and the Bulldogs beat UConn last year.
  In the Final Four, Notre Dame beat the Huskies with an overtime buzzer beater.
  That set up the meeting the Mississippi State for the national championship.
  Had the Bulldogs 6-7 center not missed an easy lay-up as time was running out, “Hail State” could have won the national championship with only one blemish on their record. Their only loss was to Carolina in the SEC championship game.
  Of course, Notre Dame hit a buzzer beater and won the title.
  If Carolina can beat Mississippi State four out of the five games they’ve played the last two years, why can’t the Gamecocks give Connecticut a good game?


  The “Roseanne” reboot attracted 18 million viewers.
  Because star Roseanne Barr voted for President Trump, the president took credit for the big turnout!
  I wonder if he watched?
  There were a good many liberal ideas in the show, and the premise of the first episode was getting Roseanne and her sister Jackie back together.
  Roseanne, a Trump supporter, and Jackie, a Hillary voter, had not spoken to each other since the election.
  The moral of the story is being a loving family is more important than partisan politics.
  “Roseanne” also had some “laugh out loud” moments.
  There are some good comedies on TV today, but few of them have “laugh out loud” moments.
  Hulu has a good many old comedies in its wide programming selection.
  I started watching “Newhart” recently, and every episode is filled with “laugh out loud” moments.
  The program brought back memories of a magical time in TV, when on Saturday night “All in the Family,” “M*A*S*H,” “Mary Tyler Moore,” “Bob Newhart,” and “The Carol Burnett Show” were on back-to-back on CBS.
  That TV night has never been touched.


  Speaking of television, I cannot understand why CBS chose to broadcast the men’s national championship game on TBS.
  Doesn’t the network know many people have “cut the cord,” and no longer get cable programming?
  Instead of showing the game over regular TV, CBS showed repeats.
  I makes no sense. I guess CBS didn’t want to go up against “The Voice.”
  I enjoy “The Voice,” but I don’t see the fascination many people have with the show.
  Had judge Kelly Clarkson won “The Voice,” instead of “American Idol,” she would have disappeared off the face of the earth like the other “Voice” winners!
  And why did ABC schedule “American Idol” against “The Voice?” I don’t get it.