Tidbits - April 19 2018

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  I got an email from Verizon a couple of weeks ago saying I was eligible to upgrade my iPhone 7 to an iPhone 8.
  There is nothing wrong with my “7,” except I’m was getting dangerously close to running out of storage space.
  Those who follow me on social media know I use to my phone to take a great many pictures. To be factual, I currently have 7126 photos and 68 videos stored on my phone.
  Increasing storage capacity is the only reason I have upgraded phones.
  My iPhone 4 had 8 GB, my iPhone 6 had 16, my iPhone 7 had 32, and now the “8” has a  minimum of  64.
  To put that into perspective, the first computer we bought at the Sentinel in 1991 had a storage capacity of one-quarter a gigabyte. So, something I can  hold in my hand has 256 times the storage capacity of that first computer we thought was state of the art.
  Before I made the commitment on switching to the iPhone 8, I did a little reading and saw the main advantage over the “7” is the case is made entirely out of glass and the processor is faster.
  After reading up on the phone, I went back to the site and got into a chat with a sales associate, who determined I could get a double capacity phone for additional cost of only $2.00 a month.
  “Let’er rip,” I said.
 “You’ll have it tomorrow,” she said.
  As promised, the phone arrived the next day.
  I took the all-glass iPhone out of the box and it slipped out of my hand like a wet bar of soap. I put it on the desk and it slide off and fell to the carpet.  “Slick” ain’t the word.
  No matter where I put it, it is started to slide. Later, when I was charging it  I put a paper towel under it!
  I held the phone tightly when I first turned it on.
  My first instruction was to turn on my iPad or old phone.
  Suddenly, in the middle of my iPad screen was a cloud.
  I was told to hold the camera of my new phone over the cloud of the iPad and “boom,” all the stuff from my  old phone began to download to my new.
  I will never cease to be amazed at technology.
  When the phone was ready, I did what I had done with my previous four new phones, I sent my first text to Ryan Metts.
  As a teenager who worked at the Sentinel, Ryan was excited by my advancement in technology. He would later explain to me how things worked on the phone.
  He’s in med school now, and the excitement in my technology has long waned. In other words, he didn’t acknowledge my text.
  I’m not upset. He doesn’t answer have time to answer texts with all his studying.
  My iPhone 8 is the exact same size as my “7,” so I popped the old phone out of the case and put the new one in.
  I was sent a bag to put my old phone in, and a label to put over the shipping label on the box the new phone came in.
  I took the box and put it in the UPS bin at C.B. Forrest’s.
  That afternoon, I got an email, “The box containing your old phone has been picked up,”
  “Whoa,” here we go again with this technology stuff!
  My new phone is a lot faster than my old one and I have 40 GBs of available space to fill up!
  It won’t be long......


  I’m sure a majority of men own a navy blue blazer.
  It’s most practical piece of clothing ever made. A navy blue blazer can be worn to weddings, funerals and even informal occasions.
  I have three in various stages of size.
  The folks at Emory Church will tell you I am not conservative when it comes to what I wear on Sunday. I like colors and I wear them.
  As I mentioned above, my nephew Trey Shealy was ordained into the ministry at Saluda Baptist Church Sunday.
  I did not feel it would be appropriate to wear one of my loud colored sports coats to an ordination, so I opted to wear my navy blue blazer, both to Emory and to Saluda Baptist.
  When I got ready for church Sunday morning, I put on the blazer and could barely button it.
  “Oh, no! I’ve got to buy another dadgum blazer!,” I thought.
  I didn’t think I had gained that much weight since the last time I wore it, but who knows?
  I worried about it the weight gain all morning.
  On my way back from the church the thought hit me, “Maybe, you grabbed the wrong blazer.”
  Could it be?
  I went immediately to my room and looked for a telltale sign on the blazer I was wearing, and I found it, some minor moth damage.
  I  had grabbed Blazer Number 2 instead of Blazer Number 3, which actually fit.
  The reason I have three, of course, is if I ever lose weight they’ll be available. So far, that hasn’t happened.
  I wore Blazer Number 3 to Saluda Baptist.
  When I got to the church, the first person I saw was Trey, who was wearing a bow-tie and a white coat with blue windowpane plaid, which blew my conservative philosophy right out of the water!
  Remember a few weeks ago, when I wrote about the power going off at church time on Sunday morning?
  Trey was in the pulpit at Saluda Baptist, soliciting volunteers for the Springfest the church was sponsoring on March 31.
  “Everyone who volunteers will get free fertilizer,” Trey said.
  And within seconds after he said that, the lights went out.
  “That’s what happens,” Trey told the congregation, “when you lie in church.”
  This past Sunday, when we arrived at church for the 5 p.m service, the power was out at Saluda Baptist, due to the storm.
  The ceremony was going to go on as planned, with or without lights.
  At 5 p.m., Carol DuRant got up to lead the opening hymn, and when we started singing, the lights came back on! How about that God wink!?