Top Guns 2018

Most of the Richland Creek Top Guns and a few of their awards:  Kneeling from left to right: Emma Johnson, Brantley Scott, Lance Cutter, Sam Johnson, and Andy Queen. Middle row standing from left to right: Blake Scott, Dan Paxton (head coach), Mike Hall, Chelsea Glover, Mary Gregory, Elissa Rodgers, Brianna Gibson, Elizabeth Easler, Alivia Rodgers, Helen Johnson, and Adam Godbey. Back row standing from left to right: Daniel Padgett, Ethan Powell, Dylan Godbey, and Tyson Johnson.

Richland Creek Top Guns

  The Richland Creek Top Guns is part of the Saluda County 4H Extension Program.  Our team consists of young men and ladies who are striving to become some of the state’s best shotgun shooters!    Our team trains in three shooting disciplines; Sporting Clays, Skeet, and Trap.  We are members of the Scholastic Clay Target Program, the South Carolina Youth Shooting Foundation, and the SC Department of Natural Resources shooting sports program.  We are proudly supported by the South Carolina Arms Collectors Association, Price’s Metal Shop in Ridge Spring, Woody’s Pawn Shop in Orangeburg, and the MidWay USA endowment fund. 
  The 2017-2018 season was one of growth for our program, with a doubling of our team members!  Currently we have 26 team members ranging from age 10 through 18.  We participated in over 20 competitive events as a team this year.  In many cases, the events were against 300-500 other youth; in which our team ended up bringing home many awards! 
  We look forward to a great upcoming season in 2018-2019.  We practice throughout the summer and are always willing to talk to potential new team members!  Please feel free to contact one our assistant coaches, Jamie Godbey at 803-317-3510 if interested in joining our team!


Ridge Spring Fire Chief Russell Derrick explained fire safety during Ridge Spring Baptist Church’s “Terrific Thursday” for the young children.  Firemen Ethan Derrick demonstrated how to dress quickly in his fire suit.  Many thanks to Ridge Spring Fire Department for their services to the community and their interest in our children.

Terrific Thursday in Ridge Spring

  What a great time was had by all!  Fourteen excited youngsters along with children’s leaders, parents and some grandparents met at the Ridge Spring Fire Department for a tour and presentations for their “Terrific Thursday” activity on Thursday, July 5, 2018.    “Terrific Thursdays” are sponsored by Ridge Spring Baptist Church every other week during the summer months for the younger children.
  We are so appreciative to Sheriff John Perry and Sergeant Earl Williams for taking time out of their busy schedules to present a very interesting program to the children.  Sergeant Williams brought his companion “Danny”, the police dog and gave some really good safety information.  He had excellent interaction with the children as he asked questions and they excitedly responded.  “Danny” quickly stole the show and allowed the children to pet him.  We all learned some very interesting information about what it takes to train and maintain a police dog as well as ways to protect ourselves.
  David Sawyer then introduced Ridge Spring Fire Chief Russell Derrick to give fire safety information and a presentation.  Derrick also had great interaction with the children as he explained fire safety and asked questions.  He then showed us and explained each part of a firemen’s fire suit.  We were all amazed as Ethan Derrick donned a complete fire fighter’s outfit in just over a minute!  How reassuring that when a fireman responds to a call, he can be dressed so quickly
  and enroute to an emergency in record time!   Chief Derrick asked the children to line up outside and then allowed each child to hold the fire hose and spray water just as if they were responding to a fire!  There were a number of volunteer firemen that were present to assist with the tour including Wilson Thomas, Wayne Fulmer and Steelman Ketchum.  A special thanks to each fireman that took their time to assist with the children.
  Sheriff John Perry then escorted the group across the street to Bank’s Drugs for an ice cream cone, compliments of Mr. David Sawyer.  Each child got to choose their favorite flavor and my, oh, my how good it was!  Sheriff Perry again escorted the group back across the street.
  Daphne Jensen is Youth Director at Ridge Spring Baptist Church.  If your youngster is interested in participating in the summer activities, you may call the church office (803-685-7484) and leave a message for Daphne.
  Again, we appreciate the Saluda County Sheriff’s Department and the Ridge Spring Fire Department and the many volunteers for a great job and for spending time with the children.   Special thanks to David Sawyer for coordinating the participation of the Sheriff’s Department and the Ridge Spring Fire Departments.  The children learned a lot from both departments and you can be sure they will remember most of it!  It was a special treat for the adults as well.