Tidbits - July 12 2018

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  Have you noticed something peculiar in this last week?
  In this divided nation, it seems that everyone has joined together in praying for the safety of a group of boys in a cave a half a world away.
  There have been no discussions on the kids’ nationality or religion. We just wanted them be safe.
  Isn’t it funny how conservative and liberals, and people of all races and religions can come together?
  We, also, can come together on sports, entertainment, church, etc., but when it comes to government, we act like a bunch of nine-year-olds whose lollipops have been licked by the spoiled brat across the way.
  President Trump is never going to change. He thinks he is right in everything he does.
  Hey, President Obama was the same way, but he didn’t disrupt the world by tweeting.
  Our last two presidents have had no governing experience. President Obama did have plenty of government experience, but he had never governed until he became President of the United States.
  Like Trump, Obama did things his way. The Iran deal? That was not a United State of America deal. That was an Obama deal.
  The Cuba deal? Obama.
  President Trump through Executive Order is undoing things that President Obama did through Executive Order.
  Like it or not, our last two presidents are a lot alike in the way they do things.
  If a member of Obama’s staff had been refused service in a restaurant, would that action be carried on CNN and the major networks for days as an abomination? How many Democratic senators would Wolf Blitzer bring in to attack this terrible act?
  But, when Sarah Sanders was refused service at a restaurant, most liberals thought she got what she deserved because she works for President Trump. A Congresswoman urged all businesses and restaurants to do the same to all Trump supporters.
  I saw a good editorial cartoon the other day, when the maitre’d asks a person at a restaurant, “ Red side, or blue side,” like they used to do “smoking or non-smoking.”
  We need to return to civility, even though we have a president who enjoys uncivility.
  A teenager wearing a “Make a America Great Again” cap should not have the cap ripped of his head and a drink poured on him.
  Everyone is entitled to their opinions.
  We’ve got to stop the hatred. We’ve all got to grow up.
  You can protest everything the President does, but you know what that has accomplished so far? Nothing.
  It’s not going to phase him. Understand that.
  Why don’t we try to work together, just as we have joined in concern about that soccer team in the cave.
  Why don’t our Congressmen act like grown-ups and think about our country instead of their political parties?
  As I’ve said before, I have never liked Donald Trump as a person and I never will (nor have I ever liked Hillary Clinton, and never will), but I am sick of seeing Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’s  immediate rejection of everything the President does.
  Let’s put party politics aside.
  I know ... that’s a joke!


  I don’t know who started it, but law enforcement officers across the country have started lip-synching to hits songs while sitting in their patrol cars and posting them to social media.
  It has become the viral sensation of the year.
  Our Sheriff John Perry and Lt. Josh Price have supplied a Saluda County version, mouthing Elvis’ “Jailhouse Rock.”
  As or Monday the video had been viewed 129,000 times. That’s over six times the population of Saluda County!
  It has been shared 4300 times!
  The officers have been very creative.
  My favorite so far has two officers and two “prisoners” (actually law enforcement officers) dressed in orange jump suits, singing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”
  When it gets to the “Mama, just killed a man” part, the prisoners start singing.
  When the song ends, a Katy Perry song starts playing and they all say, “No!”
  My sister Dibbie said she has gotten addicted to watching all the submissions.
  Hats off to all the departments that have taken part.
  It shows that police officers can have fun and good personalities, just like the rest of us.


  On her third birthday last Monday, my niece Emoree Donlon picked up a plastic toy shovel her brother had placed on a fire pit.
  Her right and upper thigh were severely burned by the melted shovel.
  Her parents were standing right near her, but there was nothing they could do.
  Emoree got excellent treatment at the Augusta Burn Center. Her hand was wrapped and placed in a cast. She will need skin grafts on her leg.
  Mayson and Jason cancelled the birthday party planned for Saturday, because Emoree cannot go outside or get wet. A waterslide was planned for the party.
  Later, they decided to go ahead with a family-only party Saturday.
  Emoree competes in pageants, and you wouldn’t believe the presents the families of the pageant participants sent to Emoree AND her brothers Deacon and Madden.
  Emoree has already adjusted to using her left hand and opened most of the presents by herself.
  I should say she got the wrapping paper off. I was given the task of freeing one of the dolls from the aggravating plastic prison.. It took my knife and me about ten minutes. I couldn’t curse, because of the children present.
  Emoree cannot understand why she can’t go outside. It’s heartbreaking seeing pictures of her looking through the screen door, but she’ll  be back to normal soon.
  After leaving Emoree’s party in Edgefield, I drove to Johnston and decided to come home “through the country” on Duncan Road. The short cut for many on my side of the county has been curtailed for quite awhile by a bridge repair. Johnston is only ten miles from my house using Duncan Road.
  The drive home brought back memories. Except for the area around the bridge, the road was as rough as ever!
  Sunday afternoon, I drove to Leesville for the second birthday party of my great-nephew Peyton Bowdler.
  This one did feature a waterslide, but Peyton was too young to use it. There were other water devices for the kids his age.
  The weather was so nice Sunday, the children actually got cold playing in the water.
  Peyton also got plenty of presents.
  As the party was winding down, he sat in the chair where he blew out the candle on his cake, while we all sang “Happy birthday.”
  He told his mother Sherra, “I want some happy cake!”
  He got it.
  “It’s his party, he can eat if he wants to.”
  I was worn out when I got home. These two parties on “foreign” soil, both came at nap time.
  Of course, I also pigged out on party food. That may have had something to do with my fatigue.


  I followed on Facebook the Saluda Machine-Pitch All-Stars’ trip to the tournament at Clemson.
  Saluda High graduate Zach Fulmer is a former Clemson football player, and is currently on the Tiger staff.
  He gave the boys a tour of the Clemson football facilities, and the pictures were impressive.
  I don’t know if all the teams got a similar tour, but I know the Saluda players, coaches and family members appreciated what Zach did.