First Meeting of 2019

COUNTY COUNCIL - Saluda County Council held its first meeting of 2019 on Mon., Jan. 14. Members are pictured above, L to R, Chairman Derrick Jones, Vice-Chairman Frank Daniel (District One), D.J. Miller (District Two), new member Justin Anderson (District Three), and Jones Butler (District Four). (Standard-Sentinel photo)

RECOGNIZED - Former County Councilman Gwen Shealy was presented a plaque of appreciation by Chairman Derrick Jones, recognizing her eight years’ service on Council. (Standard-Sentinel photo)

Council Begins 2019 Meetings

  Saluda County held its first meeting of the new year on Mon., Jan. 14.
  The meeting some welcoming of the new, and appreciation of the past.
  At the beginning of the meeting, Justin Anderson, District 3, was welcomed at the new member of Council, and District One Councilman Frank Daniel was elected vice-chairman.
  Chairman Derrick Jones presented a play of appreciation to Gwen C. Shealy and recognition of her eight years of service on Council. Mrs. Shealy chose not to seek re-election, and was succeeded by Anderson.
  Later in the meeting, Council passed resolution of appreciation to two long-time employee who retired last year, Rosa S. Berry, who began working for the county in 1983, and Sheila W. Horne, who began her employment in 1988.
  After the preliminaries, Council held there public hearings for third readings of ordinances. All of them were approved later in the meeting.
  The first ordinance dealt with setback requirements of the building code ordinance. The new amendment reads: “No structure shall be located closer than 25 feet of the right-of-way of a street or closer than 20 feet from another structure. All structures must have a minimum setback of ten feet from property lines.
  The second ordinance dealt with rental agreements for hangars at the airport: “Upon signing the lease agreement, the lessee has 30 days to place an airworthy aircraft in the hangar. Extensions may be granted on a case by case basis as approved by the Airport Commission.”
  The third ordinance should bring about a boost to economic development in the county, as Council approve selling 21 acres around the Town of Saluda’s water treatment plant to County Water and Sewer Authority for $114,300.
  This will allow the two entities to work together in the future on the Town and County’s wastewater treatment needs.
  Council also gave second reading to an ordinance that will have the County joining with Edgefield County on an industrial park in Edgefield County.
  Chairman Jones announced the following Council committees:
  ADMINISTRATION & FINANCE: Derrick Jones-Chm, Full Council
  PUBLIC SAFETY: Justin Anderson - Chm, Jones Butler
  HEALTH & WELFARE: D.J. Miller - Chm, Justin Anderson
  COUNTY PLANNING: Derrick Jones - Chm., DJ Miller
  ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - Derrick Jones - Chm., DJ Miller
  PUBLIC WORKS I: Frank Daniel -Chm, Derrick Jones
  PUBLIC WORKS II: Jones Butler-Chm., Frank Daniel
  EDUCATION: Derrick Jones-Chm, Full Council
  JUSTICE: Justin Anderson -Chm, Jones Butler
  AFFAIRS: Jones Butler - Chm, Frank Daniel
  COUNTY OWNED PROPERTY: Frank Daniel-Chm, Derrick Jones
  QUALITY OF LIFE: DJ Miller - Chm, Justin Anderson
  Council approved Assistant Emergency Management Director/Airport Jill Warren’s request to issued a request for qualifications for engineering and consulting services at the airport. This is a requirement to receive future funding from the FAA.
  The transfer of  funds from one account to another for the Fire Board was approved.
  Fire Service Coordinator Josh Morton said the Fire Board used $13,500 from the rollover account when a used tanker truck became available to purchase for the Saluda Department. Morton said there was not enough to go through the process for getting the funds from the Fire Board millage.
  Morton asked that the $13,500 no be transferred from the Fire Board millage account to the rollover account, and he also asked from $8,500 from the Fire Board millage account to purchased equipment for the tanker. Both requests were approved.
 Council approved issuing a letter of intent to purchase a new ambulance chassis.
  EMS Director Jacob Starnes said the letter was needed to purchase a Demer chassis for the ambulance service. The company only makes a set number of the chassis, and the county needs to get on the list to maintain continuity in the ambulance service vehicles.
  Council heard a presentation from Clemson Extension Agents Travis Mitchell and Darcy Schuler, and 4-H’er Allie Trotter.
  Mitchell explained how the extension service helps the county’s farmers, and Ms. Schuler outlined the importance of the 4-H program.
  Ms. Trotter read her essay on what 4-H had meant in her life.
  She included the Saluda Count team won the National 4-H Seafood Cook-off in New Orleans last year. She also pointed out the 4-H’s greatest honor was presented to four recipients at this year’s state 4-H Congress and three of them were from Saluda County 4-H.
  The Extension Service was one of the local agencies whose funding the county cut from the current budget.
  Chairman Jones asked Mitchell haw the $4000 the county usually gave to the Extension was used.
  Mitchell said it went toward paying the phone bill and the many mailing the Extension sends out to farmers and 4-H’ers. He said they were having to take the money out of other accounts to make up the difference.
  Jones said Council get the agencies who really needed the county funds would come to the meetings and ask for reinstatement, an d asked for a motion to reinstate the $4000 funding to the Clemson Extension. The motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously.
  Edgar Lamb and Stanley Fulmer from the Palmetto Tractor Club thank Council for past funding of the club from Accommodations Funds and asked for continued consideration this year.