Tidbits - June 6 2019



  Last week was the first time in 40 or so years that I didn’t write a column.
  It all came about suddenly last Friday, when Bill Duncan of the “Index-Journal” called me. We both had forgotten about Memorial Day.
  This is the first Monday holiday we’ve had with our new printer, and since that’s the day we print the paper now, we had to send the paper to the Index on Friday, because there would be no office personnel there on Monday to convert the papers we email to printing plates.
  We were able to get the pages finished on short notice, but I did not have time to write a column. I usually write it on Sunday afternoon.
  This week, I am going to have to write two columns, since we’ll be sending our vacation issue to the printer on Friday. It’s hard enough to come up with one column a week, much less two.
  Like always, I’ll make it up as it comes along.


  The great singer Peggy Lee had a hit song in 1969 called, “Is That All There Is.”
  That’s what I said when “The Game of Thrones” came to an end two weeks ago.
  With all that time I had invested in watching the program, I had expected a more exciting ending.
  All of the issues were resolved, I guess.
  The answer to what would happen to Jon and Dany was resolved midway when Jon killed Dany after telling her he loved her. Imagine what would happened if he hated her.
  Dany’s lone surviving dragon shows up, melts the iron throne, takes Dany’s body away, and allows Jon to live. I mean, one breath and he could have fried him.
  In the end, the leaders chose young Bran Stark to be the king. The main reason was Bran is paralyzed and cannot father children. Children of kings have not turned out too well in this series.
  I saw Isaac Hempstead-Wright, the actor who has played Bran since he was ten, on a talk show.
  He revealed something amusing. He’s wears glasses, and he does not wear contacts when he acts.
  One of the actresses in a scene he was doing praised him afterwards, saying “Your stare was amazing. It was like you were looking right through me.”
  “I couldn’t see you,” was his answer to the compliment.
  Now, what? I have no more “have to see” cult programs.
  I quit watching “The Walking Dead” when the show runners started killing off the main character, starting with Daniel and Carl. When Rick was dropped from the cast, that was it.
  My philosophy is if you take Ben, Little Joe and Hoss off of “Bonanza,” it is no longer “Bonanza.”


  When I mentioned “Is That All There Is” above, I didn’t remember it came out in 1969 until I looked it up.
  The Year 1969 was big, because men landed on the moon, and Woodstock was held.
  There was another memorable song that year, the “Ode To Billy Joe.”
  On the third of June Billy Joe McCalister jumped off of Tallehatchie Bridge, and on the fouth of June, 1969, I graduated from Saluda High School.
  That’s 50 years folks! I can’t believe it. How time has flown.
  There are some similarities between the Class of 1969 and 2019. We both graduated from schools that were 18 years old, and got our diplomas in the gym.
  My gym was the 400-seat “Cracker Box,” with no air conditioning. Ventilation was supplied by a giant fan on the stage that was as loud as an old fighter plane.
  The class of 2019 graduated in an air conditioned gym with four times the capacity.
  I was president of the class of 1969. My first cousin Gina Fingerlin’s daughter, Rea-gan, is president of the Class of 2019. It’s a lifetime position, Reagan, I hate to tell you.
  Another cousin, Kaylyn Herlong, is president of the student body. Nicky Long was our student body president, and he grew up on Clemson Road, just down the road from where several generations of Kaylyn’s Herlong family lived, including her great-grandfather Bettis Herlong Jr., for whom the stadium is named.
  My class could not imagine the technological advances in the last 50 years.
  I watched an episode of “Star Trek” Saturday, and it’s funny how much the communication device used by the Enterprise crew looks like today’s flip phone. We had no idea the flip phone would come to fruition, and be looked down upon by smart phones!
  Class of 2019, imagine what technology you are going to experience in the next 50 years. Maybe, you all can “beam up” to your 50th reunion!


  Watching the Braves Sunday afternoon, I noticed Gordon Beckham Jr. and Greyson Greiner were batting back-to back for the Detroit Tigers.
  Gordon's father Gordon Sr. played quarterback for Carolina's football team, and set the most consecutive passes completed record for the Gamecocks.
  Greyson's father Mark played basketball  for USC legend Frank McGuire.
  Greyson, of course, was an outstanding catcher for the Gamecock baseball team.
  Gordon, Jr., didn’t follow Greyson’s path in following his father. He went to Georgia.


  I was saddened by the passing of Hoyt Gibson.
  I’ve known him most of my life. As a member of Bethany UMC, he was part of the Butler Circuit, which also included Emory, Butler and Zoar. All of the church members of those four church knew each other through joint meetings.
  Our MYF’s members were also close, and Mr. Hoyt and his wife were there every time the youth groups got together.
  He was a fine man and will be greatly missed.