Tidbits - June 13 2019



 Well, “Jeopardy James” went down to defeat.
  I’ll have to admit, I didn’t see the episode. In fact, I only saw a couple of programs during his amazing run.
  I like to expand my knowledge by watching “Entertainment Tonight,” which comes on the same time as “Jeopardy.”
  I tdidn’t take me long to see why James had become a media darling. He did the unthinkable by starting at the bottom of the board for the big money, then working his way up.
  I started watching “Jeopardy” when Art Fleming was host, and no contestant has ever done that.
  “Jeopardy James” is a professional gambler, so he didn’t hold back on double jeopardy, either.
  The most amazing fact is during his 30-plus episode run, he was correct on 97 percent of his answers!
  No matter how smart you are, “Jeopardy” is a game that makes most people feel stupid. I might know one or two answers a show.
  I like “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”  better, because it is multiple choice, and I usually know 50-60 percent of the answers, because they are mostly trivia based.
  I’ve always  been good at trivia, and often won at “Trivial Pursuit,” until I met my match.
  I may have written about this before, but many years ago a bunch of adults gathered at the home of Caroline Brazil and her late husband Michael. It the same home where my sister Dibbie currently lives.
  We played “Trivial Pursuit,” and Caroline and Michael knew every answer, not 97 percent, every answer!
  I learned then how “Jeopardy James’” opponents felt, until that last night, that is
  I hope James doesn’t blow his $2 million in the Vegas casinos.


  I don’t know why Hollywood thinks it has to remake movies and TV shows. Often, the remakes don’t work.
  I’ll admit I enjoyed he recent “All In The Family/The Jeffersons”  redo.
 Well known actors took the roles made famous by the originals, actual episodes were recreated, and the program was performed live, as if it were a play.
  My only complaint is the actors mimicked the original actors. I wish they had tried to make the parts their own.
  Years ago several of us went to see “Plaza Suite” at the Newberry Opera House, featuring Lee Merriwether, and her husband, whose name escapes me.
  After the play, someone commented on how great the husband was. I told them to go rent the movie “Plaza Suite,” because the husband had copied everything Walter Matthau did in the movie role, and, I mean, everything.
  I will say, Jamie Foxx nailed the George Jefferson role in the ”Jeffersons” episode. The best part of that salute was when Marla Gibbs played the role of  the maid applying to work for the Jeffersons.
  Old-timers will remember she played Florence in the original. She’s 88 now and did great. She was not announced as part of the cast, so when she opened the door, the audience went wild.
  It’s sad in this politically correct world, that “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons” could not be on the air today in their original form.
  People would protest the language, and the President would have a tweet-fit when Meathead called him out.
  I was looking forward to the “Laugh-in Salute” on Netflix, but it turned out to be disappointing to me.
  I enjoyed seeing Lily Tomlin, Ruth Buzzi and Joanne Worley from the original cast, but that’s about it.
  Old clips were interspersed by modern versions performed mostly by people I didn’t know.
  The audience clapped so loudly, prompted I’m sure, each time these so called celebrities came on that you couldn’t hear what they said. If you could hear, it wasn’t funny.
  Of course, since the program was  on Netflix, the modern part of the program was interspersed with plenty of foul language. How did “Laugh-In” make it all those years without uttering one curse word?
  Finally, the program was hosted by Tiffany Haddish and Neil Patrick, both of whom I’m tired of seeing. She ended the a rash of curse words. Not funny.
  Some of the Disney reboots have been panned.
  “Dumbo” went from cartoon to live action, with a computer generated Dumbo. I don’t think you can teach a real elephant to fly.
 “Aladdin” has also gone from cartoon to live action. It, too, has gotten mixed reviews.
  Up next will be “The Lion King” going from cartoon to computer generated. Judging from the previews I’ve seen, this one should be a big hit!


  When he was a teenager, my nephew Morgan was shopping at a store at the beach and bought a pair of sneakers with Velcro fasteners.
  ”Morgan, they make those for old people,” I said.
  “I don’t care,” he said, “they are convenient.”
  Well, I have now entered the convenient stage.
  I walk at least a mile a day. I was up to two miles, then Saluda County got moved to the Sahara Desert the last few weeks of May, and two miles was too much.
  I got tired of tying my walking shoes, so when some shoe fasteners popped up on Facebook or Instagram, I explored them
  These handy little things convert your tie-up sneakers to slip-ons.
  Oh, boy! I ordered a set.
  It was not until they arrived that looked at my shoes and saw they featured alternating holes and loops. The fasteners wouldn’t work.
  So, I did what anyone pushing 70 would do. I bought some slip on walking shoes, Velcro-less.
  While walking is good for me, I know, it is not a cure all.
  Last Friday, I was attending the graduation party for Reagan at Gina and Trey Fingerlin’s house.
  I grunted when I got up out of the lawn chair to get something to eat.
  “It’s not going to get any better,” Bobby Thompson said.
  No, it isn’t.