Tidbits - June 20 2019



  Well, another vacation has come and gone.
  As in the past, I went down on Saturday, then returned home to get the paper out on Monday, and drove back down on Wednesday morning.
  You’ll recall my cousin Sarah Parris’ boyfriend Jake Evatt told me on Instagram during the SHS football golf tournament he had been practicing and was going to beat me this year on the golf course.
  As it turned out, Jake was stretching the truth. He had not played since last summer, and started our first round of the week at Eagle’s Nest with one golf ball in his possession.
 Needless to say, that one ball did not last very long and Keith and Kevin Parris and I supplied Jake with golf balls the rest of the way.
  I have two golf ball pockets in my bag, so I could supply a golf team. They are not what I’d call high quality, but they are good pond balls.
  When we got to the fourth hole, a short par 3, with water on left, I saw something move on the tee up ahead.
  “Is that a alligator?” I asked.
  We all moved in that direction. It was!
  With all the adventures I’ve had with snakes around my pond, wouldn’t you know I’d run into an alligator on a pond at the beach!
  It was a young gator, too small to eat us, but as someone in our group said, “He’s got a mother somewhere!”
  When we finished our round, we asked the golf cart manager if they had ever had an alligator reported on the course.
  He said we were the first!
  The gator sighting inspired my golf game. Eagle’s Nest advertises the three hardest finishing holes on the Grand Strand. I had a five on the par 4 16th, and parred the par 5 17th and par 3 18th. Must not be too hard! It was the other 15 holes that got me.
  Keith, who’ll turn 86 this year, won both our matches.
  My problem is my short game. Playing from the senior tees, I was 60-feet from the green with my drive on one of the holes Thursday. It took me four shots from there to get in on the hole. How many head lifts, shanks and skulls did I have from less than 100-yards away?
 A bunch.
  Dibbie and Mayson like to shop at Goodwill and the Salvation Army. They look for clothes. That’s the last thing I need.
  I look for things like they have on the Antiques Road Show. People on that program pay $2 for a work of art at the Goodwill, and it ends up being worth $25,000. That’s not my luck, but I keep trying.
  I decided to check the two places out. I found no treasures at Goodwill, but at the Salvation Army, I spotted an old police scanner for $1.99. I say old, because we had one like that at the Sentinel office over 30-years ago.
  I walked by it several times, and finally picked igt up. It was only $1.99, so I wasn’t out much if it didn’t work.
  Near the check out, I spotted an Elvis collectible. Elvis was sitting on his motorcycle. I walked over and saw the little statue was hand numbered and it was only $12.99.
I would never, ever order an Elvis collectible, but as I person who collects things, I couldn’t pass up this “bargain.” It might be valuable one day.
  Actually, when I got back to the house, I looked up the Elvis and his bike and you can buy it right now on Amazon for $99.98. See!
  Mayson found a collectible in the stuffed animal box that may be worth a small fortune, if the numbers match.
  I went back one more time, but did not find any more bargains.
  Oh, I plugged up the scanner when I got back and it came on. The only frequency I know is Saluda dispatch, and it did not pick up at Cherry Grove for some reason.
  When I got home Saturday, I plugged it up and it worked! A scanner for $1.99!!!
  I love walking on the beach and looking for shells. My favorites are the lettered olives and the little augers.
  Last year I picked up ten lettered olives and five augers. (I keep them in a plastic bag.)
  Our first trip to the beach last week, I matched last year’s total with olives and augers.
  I had good success each day, until my walk on Thursday morning.
  I only picked up one olive, but I did find two pair of sunglasses! I could just picture waves knocking these glasses off. I’m sadistic like that. I’ve been floored by waves before.
  Friday morning an amazing thing happened, I picked up 30 olives in one spot. Then I found another great place.
  When I returned to the house, I counted 62 olives, ten augers, and a perfect little conch shell. I don’t think I’ll ever have a shell day like that again.
  All total I collected 85 olives and over 20 augers.
  As I posted on Facebook, a two mile walk is nothing at the beach. You enjoyed every step.
  All total, I walked 25.56 miles during the week and didn’t lose an ounce of weight.
  I did not set one toe in the ocean, although the waves about caught me on my walks.
  Kevin said he is never going more than ankle deep in the ocean again, as he watched a couple of surf fisherman continually bring in baby sharks. Like the alligator, there’s a mama somewhere.
  Our movie of the week was “The Secret Life of Pets, Part 2.” I liked it, but some of the adults in our group fell asleep.
  We saved our annual family beach pictures until Friday, but just before we were about to leave, Deacon got sick, so we stayed around the house and took pictures on the dock. They turned out well, I thought.
  I continued my tradition of reading a John Stanford “Prey” book for the 28th straight vacation! I then started the “Crawdad” book.
  Before I started, I asked the readers in our bunch  if it was a “chick”  book. Keith said he had read it, and was definitely written for male and female!
  Morgan, Dibbie and I decided to head for home early Saturday morning. I wake up at 5:30 or 6:00 every morning, whether I am on vacation or not.
  Before 7 a.m., we pulled out.
 Morgan and Dibbie didn’t need to follow me to find their way home, so we got separated pretty early.
  As I neared the Loris/Tabor City exit something weird happened. Every car that was around me on the road took the exit and suddenly I was all alone.
  I mean for miles, I was the only driver on the highway. It was like a scene from “Left Behind.”
  I turned onto the Marion road, and when I got to the first intersection there was a car just like Dibbie’s coming from Loris and got behind me. That was weird, because they were far behind me.
  When we got to intersection to main road in Mullins, I saw the car behind me turn into a fast food place. It WAS Morgan and Dibbie. How did that happen?
  Turns out Morgan decided to drive through Loris, rather than take our usual route, and we wound up at the intersection at the same time!
  I got home around 10:30 a.m., and when I opened the front door two of my kittens ran into the house.
  I caught the black one and gingerly tossed it out the back door. I could not find the orange one. I looked everywhere.
  I finally looked again on the back porch and noticed the orange cat on the back steps. He must have driven through Loris, too.