Tidbits -April 1, 2021


  Thanks to all who remembered me on my 70th birthday.
  I got cards in the mail, phone calls and over 700 birthday wishes on Facebook.
  Such recognition may give some a big head, but I have 5000 Facebook friends, so that means 4300 people DIDN’T wish me happy birthday. That will return you to earth.
  In these pandemic times, I’m just happy to have another birthday. I don’t need a party or a cake. It hit me as March 24th was expiring that I didn’t even give myself a birthday present. I always do that. Don’t worry, I’ll think of something to give me as a late gift.
  Actually, I’m having to get new eyeglasses, so I guess that could count as something to give myself.
  My new glasses should be in by the time this comes out, so I’ll be in the process of adjusting to the new progressive lenses. In 1995 I went from drug store reading glasses to needing bifocals. I opted to start with progressive lenses (no bifocal lines).
  I’m not as old as President Biden, but I’ve fallen up a few stairs with each new pair of glasses. You would think after your eyes adjusted to your first pair of progressives, the next glasses would be automatic. I wish.
  I think of Dr. Bob Rollings every time I get my eyes checked by Dr. Patel. Dr. Rollings, Mr. Gamecock Club executive for many years, has his former building now occupied by Clemson Eye Care, that’s Clemson, as in orange! Dr. Rollings would have had a good laugh at the irony.
  He would have thoroughly enjoyed the past weekend, too. The Gamecock women advanced to the Elite 8 with a win over Georgia Tech on Sunday, the same day the Carolina baseball team swept fifth ranked Florida.
  Mike Uva if WACH 57 tweeted, “Breaking: History has been made, 3 days of positive Gamecock Twitter.”
  So true. The baseball team opened the three games series with a 14-inning win over the Gators. Fans would be happy with one win against Florida, like they got against Number One Vanderbilt last weekend, but the team kept the momentum going and won the next two games.
  College baseball is funny. Carolina started off 11-0, then lost six straight, and now they’ve won four straight. Who knows what happens in the weeks ahead? The SEC had the top five ranked teams in the country last week.
  SEC Football News Sunday issued the following tweet: “Auburn’s bass fishing team suspended until 2022 after 3 violations last year.”
  On reading this, I figured the Auburn fishermen were trying to sneak in some 8-lb. ringers in their back pockets to pass for catches. Then I read the story. They were suspended for COVID-19 violations. How disappointing.
  The comments under the tweet were hilarious. “They cheat at everything,” one  Bama fan wrote. Sounds like Gamecocks and Tigers!
  One of the best ideas in racing came to a disastrous halt over the weekend.
  NASCAR’s roots are in dirt track racing, so they came up with the idea of covering the track at  Bristol with dirt, and have a dirt track race for the first time in decades.
  Then the weekend’s storms came, and the dirt track was turned into a mud bog. Bristol is a wreck a minute paved track. Can you imagine racing on mud?!
  Obviously, the race was postponed.
  One of my earliest childhood memories was being taken to dirt track race at Greenwood. My mother said the loud engines made me cry!
  I’m over that now. I survived countless tractor pulls.