Vet Fulfills Goal


IN REMBRANCE - Paul Moody placed a flag at the grave of William Golston at Wateree Cemetery on Mon,June 28. Moody credit Golston with saving his life, when both were soldiers at Ft. Benning, GA. (photos by Phillip Brooks)

Veteran Finds Grave Of
Soldier Who Saved His Life

  A Vietnam-era veteran last week fulfilled a 57-year goal of visiting the grave of a Saluda County soldier he credits with saving his life.
  Paul Moody of Tennessee had visited Saluda County before attempting to find the grave of William R. Golston, Jr., but was unsuccessful.
  On June 19, 1964, Moody was the front seat passenger in a 2½-ton Army van driven by Golston. Both soldiers were stationed at Ft. Benning, Ga.
  The van was part of a convoy of four vehicles, and came upon a house being moved on a flatbed trailer. Apparently, the brakes on the van failed, and it plowed into the back of the trailer.
  Golston was killed instantly, while Moody sustained only minor injuries.
  Moody said his life  was saved because Golston purposely steered the van so that he would take the brunt of the force.
  Moody had told his story to many friends throughout the years and one of them contacted him recently with some exciting information. He had found Golston’s gravesite on the ”Find a Grave” website.
  Golston was buried at the Wateree Cemetery in Saluda County, South Carolina.
  Well, Moody knew Golston was buried in Saluda County, but where was Wateree Cemetery?
  His next step was to call the Saluda County Historical Society, and this is where, perhaps, Divine Providence came into play.
  Phillip Brooks was volunteering at the Saluda County Museum, and took Moody’s call. Brooks knew exactly where the cemetery was located.
  Brooks, who grew up in the Hollywood Community, had visited the cemetery before.
  “I may be the only member of the Historical Society who knows where the cemetery is located, and I was the one to take the call.” Brooks said.
  The reason the cemetery was hard to find is church it was associated with has been moved, and the only means to get to the graveyard is on an ATV.
  Mon., June 28, Brooks met Moody and took him to the cemetery on the four-wheeler.
  Moody remembered his fallen comrade, who gave  him an extra 57-years of life, by placing an American flag at his tombstone.
  Thanks to his friend and Phillip Brooks, his longtime quest was accomplished.



Community Meeting Held
On Curbing Violence

Story and photos by Dibbie Shealy

  Saluda Town Councilman Miliken Matthews sponsored a meeting June 24 at Progressive Church to discuss recent violence and how to prevent future incidents.
  The attendees gave ideas and wrote suggestions about what can be done to curb the violence and educate young people about making poor choices. The group will be forming committees to address some of the issues.
  Councilman Matthews challenged each of us to “help one person this week.”
  James Holloway added, “If you don’t think one thing can make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.”