August Council Meeting

Fee Protest Presentation
Cut Short At Meeting

At the Aug. 9. County Council meeting, a citizen’s protest of last year’s road user fee, was cut short when his presentation exceeded the allotted time limit.
  Sean Howard had been seen at the Courthouse last week holding up signs saying the road fee was illegal and the $25 should be refunded. Signs about the County  Council meeting were also placed at the Traffic Circle.
  Before Howard began his presentation, County Council Chairman Jerry Strawbridge informed him he had seven minutes, as per meeting policy.
  Howard said he did not think he could complete his presentation in seven minutes, but would cut some portions.
 The gist of Howard’s presentation was a ruling by the S.C. Supreme Court that a law in Greenville County, similar to Saluda, he said; was illegal.
  He then explained what Saluda County should have done, like creating special tax districts, and holding a referendum.
  As he read off more legal findings, Howard was informed that his time was up.
  Howard asked the Council members to vote to extend his time, but that did not happen.
  Strawbridge asked Howard to make five copies of  his presentation, so staff and council members could read it.
  Strawbridge then read a statement that a ruling against Greenvillle County does not invalidate anything to do with Saluda County. He said until Saluda’s fee is proved invalid, it will remain as an established county law.
  Council established the $25 per vehicle road use fee due to a budget shortfall in the 2019-2020 fiscal year. The funds collected were designed to go to the Road & Bridge Department, replacing that department’s budget allotment and moving that allotment to the general fund.
  When the financial situation improved the next year, the fee was rescinded.
  In old  business, Council gave second reading to an ordinance to establish a county prohibition on the infringement of the right to keep and bear arms and designating Saluda County as a Second Amendment Sanctuary.
  Council approved a request to seek bids for construction of the Old Town Fire Department.
  A Covid Leave Policy update was approved at the recommendation of Hardee Horne, as was travel allowance changes.
  At the beginning of the meeting, the Council members applauded the Recreation Department’s two youth teams that made it to their respective World Series.

SAVE THE DATE For a Celebration
Of the Life of Bela P. Herlong

  On August 21, 2021, the family of Bela Herlong invite the public to join them at 2 p.m. at the Saluda Theater for a celebration of her life.   The event, entitled “A Certain View: A Celebration of the Life and Poetry of Bela Herlong,” is modelled after Mrs. Herlong’s own Prism events. As director of the Saluda High literary magazine, Mrs. Herlong worked with Gloria Caldwell each year to craft a dramatic piece showcasing the student’s work.
  “I did the same thing,” Madaline Herlong reported. “I used her poems to tell the story of her life.
  “It felt so wrong for Mama to leave us without our giving her a proper goodbye,” Madaline continued. “And we know that there are dozens of students, friends, church members—all kinds of people—who felt the same lack we did.
  “We hope EVERYONE can come and share with us our gratitude for her life, her poetry, and the love she held for family, friends, and the world.”

Museum Exhibit

  A celebration of the life of Dr. Bela Herlong will be held at the Saluda Theater and Museum on August 21.
  If you have any Saluda High School memorabilia that you’d like to share, please contact Bob Horne at 864-992-6754 -OR- call the museum at 864-445-8550 during regular hours M-F 10am-4pm or Saturday can also drop off at the museum.
  ALSO, currently on display at the museum are five trophies won by the 10U Girls Angels All-Star District Champions, the 10U Angels Softball team - State Champions —AND— the 10U Boys Baseball State Runner-up , and 10U Dixie Youth World Series - Runner-up —AND— 8U Boys Baseball State Runner-up.

NEW TEAM - The Saluda County Sheriff’s Office would like to welcome the newest member of our team. Pictured  is K-9 Grizzly along with his partner, Corporal James Schaffer. Grizzly and Corporal Schaffer recently graduated from an extensive certification training at Custom K-9’s. Grizzly will serve as a patrol K-9 and will work to keep Saluda County safe.