Tidbits - September 9, 2021


  Well, this is another holiday forced early deadline.
  We had to send our paper to the printer on Friday, rather than our normal Monday, because of Labor Day.
  The good news for me is I don’t have to labor on Labor Day.
  The bad news is I can’t comment on the football games.
  I don’t know how Carolina and Clemson performed.
  I do know how Saluda did, however. The Tigers didn’t play, due to Covid issues.
  I originally thought the game was postponed and could  be rescheduled, but Ninety Six was free to find another opponent.
  The Wildcats traded playing 2A’s 4th ranked Saluda, to hosting 2A’s 5th ranked Silver Bluff. UPDATE: A couple of hours after I wrote this, I saw a tweet that the Ninety Six game with Silver Bluff has been cancelled, and Ninety Six will use Friday’s game as a open date.
  Saluda’s schedule already was shuffled when McCormick’s region shifted the conference games to the beginning of the season, leaving an open spot in the Tiger schedule.
  The Tigers were able to get a game at Midland Valley. Unlike Ninety Six who was able to reschedule a 2A team, Saluda replaced a 1A school with a 4A school!
  The good news for travelers is you go through Aiken to get to Midland Valley and that city has a lot of places to eat, compared to few in McCormick.
  You think that solved the schedule problem, then I saw a tweet that Mid-Carolina’s region was doing like McCormick’s, so that’s another slot on the schedule the Tigers will have to replace. Fortunately, Saluda has an open date in the preseason, so the school will have two dates to try to get a replacement.
  Saluda will need a home game, since the Tigers originally only had four home games this year, and Ninety Six was one of those.
  I long for the day when everything we used to take for granted returns to normal.
  One thing that is still normal is Carolina fans criticizing coaching decisions.
  With Luke Doty injured, the battle for the starting quarterback among the reserves heated up.
  In one of the great stories of this season, Carolina graduate assistant Zeb Noland “came out of retirement” and earned the starting job for the Eastern Illinois game.
  Noland has started at quarterback for Iowa State and then at North Dakota State. He joined Shane Beamer’s staff as a grad assistant, even though he still had a year of eligibility, due to every player getting an extra year last year due to Covid.
  Some fans are upset  because they perceive the quarterback situation at Carolina is so bad, a grad assistant beats out the quarterback reserves.
  Some pointed out that “team in the upstate” generally has five star quarterbacks starting and in reserve. Clemson’s DJ Uiagalelei has only started a couple of games, but he is listed as a Heisman Trophy candidate.
  Fans should let Shane Beamer coach one game before they came down on him, don’t you think?
  The fact Zeb won out does make the reserves look not too promising, but Beamer pointed out North Dakota State played a spring schedule last year, and Zeb has more recent game experience than anyone on the team.
  I hope he does well.

  Who would have ever thought ESPN could  be tricked into televising a football game featuring a high school that doesn’t exist?
 Bishop Sycamore was supposed to be loaded with five star college recruit talent, thus earning a showcase game on ESPN.
  When this “loaded with talent” team got beat 58-0, the scam began to unravel:
  •There has never been a Bishop Sycamore school
  •The team played two games in three days
  •Their head coach currently has an active arrest warrant
  •Most of the players are junior college dropouts who are nowhere near high school age.
  I saw a film clip from the game, where a B.S. (Bishop Sycamore) player came off the field and handed his helmet to another player, who put it on.
  I wonder what the name of the Netflix movie is going to be. This is no “Rudy” or “Remember the Titans,” however.