Car Dealer Arrested

Former Local Car Dealer
Pleads Guilty To Charges

  A former car dealer at Saluda Motor Sales has pled guilty multiple charges in Federal Distrct Court, including defrauding multiple individuals and businessess of $2,528,048.
 According to a release on Facebook from SaludaNOW, in January 2017 Kelly Sanders took control of Saluda Motor Sales, a family owned and operated business in Saluda for over 75 years. He continued to sale at a high volume for almost three years.
  However, prosecutors allege that shortly after beginning to manage the business he was scheming, and misleading investors. The charges brought forward by Federal agents allege that Sanders was using misleading documents, and invoices to ward off creditors.
  Sanders pled guilty, and agreed to a plea agreement to make restitution to Benjamin Bradshaw, Ridge Group Investors, and Sandtander Bank. He also agreed to a fine of $250,000.00, a prison term of up to 20 years, probation for 3 years, and a Special Assessment Fee of $100.00.
  According to the Federal Court documents obtained by SALUDANow through PaceMonitor, a Court Case clearing house, a plea date has not yet been set by the Court since first agreed upon on September 2, 2021.

Velie Recognized At
County Council Meeting

Brandon Velie of Ridge Spring’s popular Juniper restaurant was recognized at the Sept. meeting of Saluda County Council.
  Miriam Atria, Chief Executive Officer at Capital City Lake Murray, recognized Velie as a Tourism Advocate for the  Lake Murray area. The awards to several Tourism Advocates  were presented at the Capitol City Lake Murray  annual meeting, but Velie could not be present because he had to operate his restaurant.
  Atria pointed out that Velie is one of seven area chefs chosen to compete in the World Food Championship in Dallas in November.
  She also thanked Chairman Jerry Strawbridge for this service on the Capital City Lake Murray board.
  In the old business portion of the meeting, Council voted to sell some county property in an Industrial Park to Butler & Son Funeral Home.
  In new business, Council gave first reading to an ordinance authorizing the execution and delivery of a fee-in-lieu of ad valorem taxes by and between Saluda County and Project Maple Leaf. The ordinance includes having Project Maple Leaf in a multi-county business park.
  Council also passed a  resolution authorizing the negotiation of a fee-in-lieu of ad valorem taxes by and between Saluda County and Project Maple Leaf.
  Luke Downing from the Fire Board said F.D. Riley had submitted the low bid, $18,500, for land clearing at the Old Town Fire Department project. Council approved this and gave the Fire Board permission to pursue a grant from the Forestry Commission for fire equipment.
  Council approved the appointment of Wayne Matthews to the Airport Commission.
  At the beginning of the meeting Councilman Jack Atkinson recounted the story of his daughter-in-law who almost waited too late to get Covid treatment. He urged anyone who gets sick from the disease to go to the doctor immmediately.

Good Rainfall Continues

  The good summer rainfall continued in August.
  The 4.80 Aug. rainfall  brings the year’s total to 39.62.  This compares to 42.17 inches during the same time last year.
  August’s temperatures were normal, with most days with highs in the 90s.  The temperatures ranged from a high of 77 on Aug. 7, to 95 on Aug. 1 and 12. The lowest morning temperature, 65, was recorded on Aug. 5..
  This information was reported by NWS observer Edwin Riley at the Saluda CPW.

9-11 REMEMBRANCE - In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of 9-11, Julia Wills and family decorated the hay tractors on her Chappells Hwy. property