Molly M. Spearman Sworn Into Office

Saluda County’s Molly Mitchell Spearman was sworn into office Wed., Jan. 14,  on the steps of the State House as South Carolina’s Superintendent of Education. Mrs. Spearman is shown having the oath of office administered by Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster. Adjutant General Robert E. Livingston Jr. is at her side. (S.C. Department of Education photo)


WATSON RECEIVING FRENCH LEGION OF HONOR - L TO R: Vernon Brantley, Lt Col. Ernest Kirby, retired, Joe Watson, Chris Carawan.
Joe Cal Watson Presented
French Legion Of Honor
  Joe Cal Watson, of Ridge Spring, a veteran of World War II and the Battle of the Bulge, was recognized Saturday with the French Legion of Honor.
  Lt. Col. Ernest Kirby, retired, presented the medal.  Chris Carawan and Vernon Brantley also veterans of World War II and Battle of the Bulge joined in the presentation. 
  Present were representatives of the American Legion Post 133, the Mayor and councilmen and two reporters. 
  After the presentation the men began talking about their experiences.  As they noted it seemed they did not go into the details that were upsetting to them but talked in general and spoke of some humorous episodes.  Joe did tell that he had been a lieutenant in charge of 80 GI’s, three officers, seven jeeps and six mortars and he was only 21 years old. 
  He only had one time when his men disagreed to an order he issued.  A column needed an advanced spotter to go across the river and check things out with them.  Joe had the three officers to draw straws to see who would go.  The one with the longest straw was to go and the other two officers did not want him to go because he was married and had children.  He went anyway and he did come back.
  The 75th division was also known as the diaper division.  When the new replacements came in they were getting killed or wounded too quickly so the soldiers decided to make the new soldiers follow right behind them or shadow so they could learn what to do. 
  The French Legion of Honor was presented to the Americans on the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge which lasted from December 16th until January 27th.
  Joe has been in Ridge Spring most of his life and we are better for it.

Macy Crawford
Featured On TV
  On Monday, January 12, Macy Crawford had the opportunity to appear on WSPA TV, Channel 7 in Spartanburg, SC.
  Macy was a guest on the ‘Your Carolina’ program hosted by Jack Roper and Megan Heidlberg. After being interviewed, Macy performed “Don’t Rain on My Parade”.
  The segment can be viewed online at