Alcohol Referendum Explained
  In the recent election, a referendum on the local ballot was in reference to alcohol sales on Sundays.  This measure passed.  However, there exists some confusion as to the interpretation and administration of the measure.
  While the wording came from the state and had to be adhered to as such, the intent was not clear.  To clarify, this measure allows for businesses with existing alcohol permits in Saluda County, not in the town limits, to apply for a license to sell alcohol an additional day of the week, Sunday.  The referendum includes selling alcohol to be taken off-premise, as well as alcohol for on-site consumption, ie, restaurants and bars.
  For those businesses interested in this license (which is referred to as “temporary,” hence the confusion), you must go to the website for the South Department of Revenue to the tab, “Alcohol Beverage Licensing” for the application.  Because multiple municipalities and counties passed similar measures in this recent election, there is a backlog as SCDOR updates its website.  You can also call the ABL agency at 803-8980-5864 for further information.  The Saluda County Voter Registration office, nor any other county offices, have additional information.  Businesses must contact the SDOR directly.

STRAWBRIDGE HONORED - Jerry Strawbridge, right, with Steve Wilson,  president of the South Carolina Rural Water Association,  accepting the award for South Carolina Rural Water Association Board Member of the Year.
Strawbridge Named State Rural Water
Association Board Member of Year
Saluda County Water & Sewer Authority Board Chairman Jerry Strawbridge has been named South Carolina Rural Water Association Board Member of the Year.
  His recomendation letter, submitted by Jason Fell, General Manager of the SCWSA,  reads as follows:
  “Jerry Strawbridge leads SCWSA by his actions and his integrity.  He is by nature a worker.  He is active in everything in which he is involved in.  Jerry is 71 years old but appears to have the enthusiasm of a man much younger. 
  He is engaged and concerned about future of Saluda County Water & Sewer Authority.  As a relatively new member of SCWSA’s board his impact has been pronounced and positive.  He began on the board in 2011 and became chairman in 2012.  In April of 2012, SCWSA found themselves without a General Manager.  During the transition period from April to October, a total of seven months, Jerry took over managing the day to day operations.
  As a retired Sergeant Major in the National Guard and a small business owner, he knew there was work to be done.  He took the job seriously and began working between 40 to 60 hours a week.  This was a critical period at SCWSA.   SCWSA had two major projects close to being bid.  There were heated contract negotiations for additional capacity for SCWSA’s largest industry.  There were significant administrative changes needed including hiring a new General Manager. 
  Jerry took on all of these tasks without complaint or mention of compensation.  It didn’t matter to him, he was thinking of his uncle.  His uncle had been a role model who always preached doing the right thing even when it wasn’t easy.  Apparently, Jerry had listened well. 
  Jerry was retired and could have just shown up board meeting nights.  Instead, he took responsibility for two jobs, with an intensity usually reserved for younger men.  Jerry was learning a new job and making major decisions for the future of SCWSA.  He was not afraid to ask questions. 
  He became acquaintances with Mike Bailes at an SCRWA Conference.  When questions arose about the proposed WTP, he contacted Mike, which resulted in a wealth of information.  In addition, Jerry hired Richard Coleman, former General Manager of Greenwood Metro, as a consultant.  Richard advised Jerry on issues that required technical acumen of this industry, like determining the cost of production.    Jerry also utilized his long-standing political relationships to help lend credibility to SCWSA’s message.  In all, SCWSA is extremely fortunate to have Jerry and his vision of growth and of service to Saluda County.  I wholeheartedly nominate Jerry Strawbridge as SCRWA System Board Member of the Year!”


VETERANS DAY PROGRAM   - American Legion Post 65 hosted a Veterans Day program at the Saluda Theater on Nov. 11. Featured speaker was LTC Rachel J. Carnell, USA Retired, A recitation of the Gettysburg Address was delivered by County Council Chairman Don Hancock, Col., USMC Retired. Chaplain Eddie C. Miller Jr. delivered the invocation and Jerry Farmer sang several songs, including the National Anthem. Pictured, L to R, are LTC Carnell; Post 65 Commander Al Butler; Post 65 Membership Officer Tina Buffington; and Chairman Hancock.