Trial Highlights Court Session

  One jury trial highlighted the two-week term of Saluda County General Sessions Court that concluded last week.
  Robert Lynn Shealy was tried on multiple charges and was found guilty on all counts.
  Shealy was sentenced as follow: grand larceny, four years; obstruction of justice (two counts), four years; criminal conspiracy, four years; burglary second degree, four years. Sentences run concurrent. Once released, Shealy will have four years of probation.
  The following were sentenced on guilty pleas:
  Antwine Fitzgerald Anderson, burglary 2nd degree, 10 years, concurrent with previous sentence. Braidonnis Eugene Alexander, resisting arrest, Youthful Offender Act (YOA) not to exceed three years, suspended to two years probation.
  Maurice Wandell Bailey, possession of a pistol with obliterated serial number, five years, upon time served suspended to two years probation. Heather Lynn Belger, unlawful conduct toward child, five years, 50 days time served, suspended to four years probation.
  Skylar Haynes Brazell, grand larceny more than $10,000, three years. Randolph Andre Brooks, failure to stop, 90 days.
  Larry Sharn Burt, possession of crack cocaine, three years; criminal domestic violence 3rd, four years. Joshua  Bart Cathey, burglary 2nd, five years, suspended to three years probation.
  William Corcoran IV, unlawful pistol, one year, suspended to time served. Nicholas Charles Ellison, receiving stolen goods, three years, upon service of nine months, suspended to four years probation.
  Kimberly Lee Hall, manufacturing methamphetamines, third offense, ten years, suspended to four years. Joseph D. Harris Jr., possession of marijuana second offense, 90 days, suspended to six months probation.
  Tony Dale Hastings, trafficking meth over 25g but less than 100g, seven years. Kaderius Quantil Hiller, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, YOA not to exceed five years, suspended to three years probation.
  Andre Quinten Jones, forgery, two years, suspended to three years probation. Kendrick Tyrell Johnson, failure to stop for a blue light or siren, 100 days, suspended to time served.
  Terrence Edward Lockett, Jr., use of vehicle without permission, one years, suspended to six months probation. Maurice Londale Mason, assault and battery third, three years, suspended to three years probation.
  Mark Lane Mathias, resisting arrest, one year, suspended to nine days time served, and nine months probation. William E. Ray, burglary 2nd degree (violent), eight years, concurrent with present sentence, three years probation upon release.
  Willie W. Richardson, assault & battery 1st degree, 10 years, suspended to time served and five years probation. Quentin Montez Samuels, burglary 3rd degree, three years, suspended to time served.
  Gertiz Marque Walker, criminal sexual conduct with a minor, 3rd degree, eight years. Alcoa Kennardo Williams, forgery (two counts), three years, suspended to time served and three years probation.
  Harry Edward Yoder, burglary 2nd (two counts), four years; grand larceny $2000 to $10,000, four years.




TIRE & OIL HAS $200,00 WINNER - Tire & Oil Manager Linda Tuttle poses by the sign that signifies the store sold a $200,000 winning lottery ticket. (Standard-Sentinel photo by job shadower Moises Flores)


Two Saluda Lottery Players Win $200,000

  COLUMBIA, SC (February 20, 2015) – Saluda is home to two new lottery winners.  Last Friday, each cashed in tickets worth $200,000, one purchased his ticket locally and the other bought his ticket in Columbia.  
  This marks the first significant win for the Tire and Oil Company Inc. on S. Main St. in Saluda.  Established in 1957, the family-owned business is proud one of its regular customers won $200,000 on a Stacks of Green scratch-off.   Manager Linda Tuttle says the win has generated buzz around town.  
  “People think, ‘Yeah, they have winning tickets,’” said Tuttle, anticipating more customers stopping in to take a chance on a lottery ticket.  As for the winner, he’s asked for privacy.  
  As did Saluda’s second $200,000 winner, who revealed he spent a sleepless night before cashing in the winning Grand Reserve ticket he purchased in Columbia from the Food Fare on Garners Ferry Rd.  
  “I slept like a baby with the winnings in the bank,” he admitted.  He shared his plans, saying first he will tithe to the church and then pay off his house.    
  Two top prizes of $200,000 remain in the $10 Grand Reserve game and the $10 Stacks of Green game.  Odds of winning the top prize are 1 in 600,000 for both games.  
  For selling the claimed tickets, Tire and Oil Company Inc. and Food Fare received a $2,000 commission.