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  It was a little weird reading some comments on sports’ blogs prior the Florida-Carolina game Saturday.
  You could read between the lines that some Florida fans actually wanted their team to lose to the Gamecocks, so Gator head Will Muschamp would get fired.
  Lucky for them, they got their wish.
  The Gamecocks actually found a way to win the fourth quarter, instead of finding a way to lose four conference games in row.
  Carolina fans know, even with one of the worst defenses in school history, had the Gamecocks not had three 14-point lead collapses in the fourth quarter, the team would have won the East championship Saturday.
  Carolina has had a chance to win the East for four straight years, and for four straight years they’ve failed. There always seems to be something, whether it be one game or three.
  You’ve got to question Florida’s AD for hiring Muschamp, a defensive coach, in the first place. He’d already previously hired Ron Zook, the Gator defensive coordinator, after Spurrier left, and fans learned to hate him and wish for his demise.
  He then hired Urban Meyer, an offensive genius, and he won two national titles. Urban left, and the Gators went back to a defensive coach.
  Spurrier spoiled Florida fans with his run and gun offense, and they won’t be satisfied until they get a coach with the same kind of offensive firepower.
  Muschamp had three offensive coordinators in three years, but none of them created any excitement.
  Of course, as soon as the word came down on Muschamp’s firing, the “information” began to spread that Spurrier was going to hire Muschamp as the Gamecocks defensive coordinator. Nobody told Lorenzo Ward, as far as I know.
  I hate it when Carolina and Clemson have games at the same time, when neither is on a local TV station.
  I really wanted to see Clemson and Georgia Tech, but it was on ESPN and Carolina was playing on the SEC Network. Both were at 12 noon.
  I have a Roku, and I found the WatchESPN icon. I was thrilled to know I could watch the Clemson-Georgia Tech game over my Roku, since I am a Dish Network subscriber.
  In the past Dish was not one of the eligible companies.
  Sunday, I realized the WatchESPN may work on my phone and Kindle. It did! So, for a few minutes, I watched the race on my TV, phone and Kindle at the same time! The phone and Kindle were two laps behind the TV. Technology!
  I always enjoy watching Clemson and Tech, because it’s always a good game. This one wasn’t. When Deshaun Watson went down, so did the Clemson offense.
  It reminded me of when Marcus Lattimore got injured in the first half against Kentucky a few years ago. The Gamecocks had a  big lead at time, but blew it and lost the game.
  Cole Stoudt came in a threw a Pick 6, and the game was over.
  Stoudt was the most criticized player in America on Facebook Saturday. Clemson fans had some pretty funny and sarcastic remarks.
  At least Stoudt has quarterbacked Clemson to some wins this year. I don’t if any of the Carolina back ups could do that.
  I had a feeling Carolina was going to beat Florida. I didn’t watch, but is it’s not because of bad luck. It’s because this year’s Gamecock team gets on my nerves. Two blown 14-point fourth quarter leads in row, a touchdown loss to Auburn, another blown 14-point lead then overtime loss to Tennessee, followed by an overtime win over Florida, add up to more than this man can take!
  The breaks Carolina got the previous three years, they are not getting this year.
  Clemson has had a couple of close wins. If the Louisville receiver was a step faster, and the Boston College receiver had not dropped a wide open touchdown pass, Clemson would be 5-5, just like Carolina.
  Carolina’s luck changed when a tight end dropped a wide open touchdown pass against Missouri. The whole season would have been different.
  Both teams are pretty good, but they are not good enough to overcome one or two difference making plays.


  A couple of people  with Saluda connections have gotten good publicity lately.
  Jeanette McGee Coulter, a Saluda High graduate, was recently featured in “Lake Murray Life” as the issue’s “Lake Murray Leader.”
  She rose up through the ranks to become a vice president of Wachovia Bank and later First Citizens. She received many honors, including Irmo Chamber Lifetime Achievement Award. She’s retired from banking and is now part-time Welcome Center Coordinator for the Greater Irmo Chamber of Commerce.
  She and her husband Jerry have five children, ten grandchildren and two great-grands. (Thanks to Janet Mabe for bringing me the magazine.)
  The “Daytona Beach News-Journal” had a nice story on Cole Mazza in its Nov. 13 issue.
  You may have noticed the blurb a few weeks ago about Cole, a running back at Stetson, being named the Pioneer Leagues’s co-offensive player of the week.
  The “News-Journal” story highlights the fact Cole, nicknamed the “Mountain Man,” has rushed for 517 yards this year, despite having some injuries early in the season. He’s averaged 129.9 yards a game the last four contests.
  Cole’s dad, Greg, was a star running back for Saluda High, graduating in 1984. Cole’s grandmother Jeanne, teamed with her sister Rosie Booth, to operate Rosie’s Pizza Sub.
  Greg is the brother of Saluda’s Gina Sawyer and first cousin of former Sheriff Jason Booth.