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  When you get offered something for free, you have to take it, right?
  When the iPhone 6 came out recently, Verizon offered a good deal. If you trade in your old iPhone, you get the new iPhone 6 for free, as long as you extend your contract for two years.
  Since I’ve always extended my contract, the deal was a no brainer.
  I had an iPhone 4, which I loved, but it was full to capacity. I’d have to delete old pictures, just so I could take new pictures.
  I would be jumping from a small 4 to a much larger 6, skipping the 5 entirely.
  On a Tuesday, paper printing day, I went to the Verizon store in Harbison ready to trade in my phone.
  I was ready, but they weren’t. I was told they did not have any 6s in stock and did not know when they were going to get any in.
  I was not going to miss this deal! So, that night I went on-line, did the paperwork to trade-in my 4, then ordered my 6.
  I made a mistake on my application, but I did not find that out until I got an email saying my order had been cancelled. I had overlooked the email I got saying I needed to correct the mistake.
  I called the number on the email and tried to get my order reinstated. I was told it was too late, but the stores should have plenty of phones now.
  In the meantime, I got the envelope to ship my old phone back, but since I didn’t have a new phone, I didn’t open it.
  Paper printing Tuesday returned, and I went back to the store to trade-in my 4. I was told they did not have any 6s in stock and did not know when they were going to get any in. (Where have I heard that before?)
  I asked the associates when the trade-in program was ending.
  “I think today,” one of them said.
  So, that night I went back on-line, determined to get that good deal.
  There was a button to trade-in my phone on the upgrade page, but I didn’t click it, because I already had my trade-in envelope.
  I ordered my phone and it arrived on Friday, October 24. That was the day we had to travel to Crescent for the SHS game, so I only had time to look at the phone.
  Saturday morning, I was petrified. Every cell phone I’ve bought since 1996 has been  in the store, with professionals setting up the phones.
  Even though I had everything on my old phone backed up on iCloud, I was afraid I was going to lose everything, and would have to start over.
  I didn’t. The whole process was simple, and soon my new iPhone 6 was fully loaded with all my old stuff! I was thrilled.
  I still had plenty of time to mail my old phone back that day. I found the envelope, opened it, and quickly saw the note: “This offer expires September 30.”
  Let me explain. Even if my first order had been correct, the phone was not scheduled to arrive until mid-October, so I still couldn’t have gotten the deal!
  Well, this situation brought me to do something I haven’t done in a long time. I wrote an actual letter!
  I found an address on “My Verizon” and “Myself” wrote a letter, explaining “My Ordeal.”
  A few days later, I got a call from a nice young lady at Verizon, telling me I was going to get the deal. Bless her heart.
  I still had to go on-line and go through the process, again,  of trading in my phone.
  The envelope arrived Saturday, and Sunday I went through the steps of erasing my iPhone 4. I was sad, beleive it or not. This is the first cell phone I’ve turned in. I’ve got an 18-year “museum” collection of my old phones.
  I’m going to miss little 4. We’ve been through a lot together....


  A little amazing fact blurb was passed across the internet last week.
  It said, “An iPhone 5S has 1300 times more processing power than the computer that landed Appollo 11 on the moon.”
  That’s hard to fathom, isn’t it?


  The last five seasons, I thought Carolina was going to beat Clemson, simply  because I felt the Gamecocks were a better team.
  This year, I don’t have a clue.
  It’s hard to figure out either team.
  Clemson has played three ranked teams, and lost them all. Georgia was a blowout, but the game was close going into the fourth quarter. The Tigers fell to Jamies-less FSU in overtime, and the Georgia Tech game wasn’t close after Watson went down.
  Carolina has played four ranked teams (at the time they played) and lost to three of them. They beat Georgia, were crushed by Texas A&M, lost by a point to Missouri and a touchdown to Auburn.
  In the “woulda, shoulda, coulda” department, Clemson, 8-3, could be 6-5 or 9-2, Carolina, 6-5, could be 4-7 or 10-1. That’s quite a extreme differential for both teams, for sure, but if you study their seasons, you can see both could have gone either way.
  Personally, I’d rather Carolina and Clemson both enter the game with at least ten wins each, like they have the last few seasons.
  If that were the case, they wouldn’t be playing at the dreaded 12 noon slot. Sure, it’s on ESPN, but I don’t think any team or any fan likes a noon kick-off. I’m surprised Georgia and Georgia Tech are also playing at 12. That’s the one I’ll be watching.
  As Bubba Shealy said, a 12 noon game means the suffering for one group of fans will  begin early ... and last for another 364 days!


  I can’t watch the Carolina football, men’s basketball or baseball team on TV,  because they are too  nerve-wracking.
  I can watch the Gamecock women’s basketball team play, however, because they are really good! In fact, they are the current number one team in the country.
  Dawn Staley is an amazing coach and recruiter.
  The last time a Carolina basketball team was ranked number one in the nation, I was a college freshman .... 45 years ago!